xoops for Designers

I searched over and over but couldn't find any useful topic for such matter so I decided to create it;

I'm a Professional GUI-Designer who's expert in CSS, is familiar with HTML, and master tools like "Dreamweaver CS3" to develop websites.
Normally I design a layout with Photoshop CS3, get it ready to show to the client in Firework CS3, and then develop it with Dreamweaver with the maximum use of CSS.
Well, my clients are getting bigger and their demands are growing as their size; having forums, limiting access to particular sections for certain visitors, and things like this were always make me scared.
...and that's when I met Xoops!

The thing is, while I can manage to install XOOPS --I just did after 2 hours of reading documentations--, I have no idea about creating Database tables or how Php works. and honestly I prefer Not learn such things.
I'm just trying to use certain Small features as above mentioned. while it doesn't mess with my designs.
In other word;
I'm looking for a way to install XOOPS on server, just add necessary codes to my design --which make it be able to use certain features-- and upload my design. --instead of using a complicated Php based free template and tweak the default layout! to suit my needs, which eventually destroy the whole concept of being a Designer!--
Please Help me out, If there's any way to accomplish that.

In return, I would release free templates for other XOOPS users.

Re: xoops for Designers
  • 2007/8/26 4:47

  • Northern

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so why dont you use fantastic installer?

it will install XOOPS 2.0.16 for you.
php,sql db all of it.

as for your theme, I have many non tabled css themes running on xoops.
Its a pain to get them to work right, but in the end its worth it.

the smarty's for the themes got abit more chalanging after 2.0.14, but it alows for more content and more flexability on what you can do.

I would get pod's CS3 addon if you going to make a theme for xoops, and i would spand some time checking out a older theme vers a new style theme.


Re: xoops for Designers
  • 2007/8/26 11:09

  • vaughan

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i would say not to go with fantastico installs.

they can usually cause more problems than necessary & you might not even get the latest version. & because fantastico uses it's own install scripts (modified), and fantastico also keeps check of your installation DB etc, updating your XOOPS site later (manually) would make fantastico go crazy.

as it happens the XOOPS installer does not require you to create db tables etc, all it requires you to do is create the MySQL DB first. once the db has been created (it's a very easy process in CPANEL or PLESK) you only need to know the details to enter.

if you are designing sites for clients, it is highly worth your time & effort to learn the basic steps in creating a DB & setting chmod permissions etc.

Re: xoops for Designers
  • 2007/8/26 14:11

  • Will_H

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If I read your post correctly, aside from not understanding the basics of the cms, you want to learn how to turn your templates into XOOPS themes

Since you are a dreamweaver user (yuck) this may interest you.


Re: xoops for Designers


Biteronboard wrote:
If I read your post correctly, aside from not understanding the basics of the cms, you want to learn how to turn your templates into XOOPS themes

Since you are a dreamweaver user (yuck) this may interest you.


you dont like DW?
how come? and what would you use instead?

Re: xoops for Designers
  • 2007/8/27 4:39

  • domecc

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《XOOPS Theme Design Bible》 from china
news: https://xoops.org.cn/modules/news/view.article.php/a474
download: https://xoops.org.cn/modules/wfdownloads/visit.php?cid=7&lid=597
There's only chinese version.
XoopsChina Webmaster

Re: xoops for Designers
  • 2007/8/27 5:04

  • MadFish

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Take a look at the Anatomy of the Default theme document. This is for the *old* default theme, I think someone has also done some work documenting the new one but its a lot more complicated.

Not clear about your server, if you go with a commercial webhost they will have MySQL/PHP installed for you already. The XOOPS installer will create the database for you.

If you want to set it up locally, Google for WAMP.


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