Re: stayingn logged in doesnt stay logged in (Custom sessions)

im so glad for the help on getting to the bottom of this
all the questions asked were really helpful in pointing to the right things to look at
all the similar comments helped as well

At the end of it all i found a solid resolution to fix this problem

............... i am no longer using XOOPS........

Re: compatable modules list?


blackrx wrote:
btw any update on new module repository ?

now ur really reaching ya know

Re: compatable modules list?

thanks for your help on this one

reason i didnt want to use the babylon website is its a bit tedious to go through the iframe loading style menu looking for modules id like to replace and or add as new

Re: compatable modules list?

isnt there a list here on the XOOPS site?

compatable modules list?

Looking for that old list of modules
but the one showing modules compatable with XOOPS 2.4.4

im thinking about doing an upgrade from my old version

stayingn logged in doesnt stay logged in (Custom sessions)

php version is 5
xoops version is i believe or

i have had it running for quite some time now but
today iwent to set CUSTOM SESSIONS for 6000 minutes

all of a sudden

i do stay logged in even after shuting the computer off for several hours,
however no one else can log in

i am adminstrator level and they are not

they can use the LOG IN block but once the page reloads
they are not logged in

so... what has become of this litle error?
i found previous threads on it but they are almost two years old

Re: ixt Theme 009_emp05 doesnt allow video

hi Ghia
the videos work fine with other skins / themes
they have been working for over a year now

its only when trying to view them with this theme, they did not originally show up.

not sure what happened but after a couple hrs, they did work again

ixt Theme 009_emp05 doesnt allow video

i installed and activated the IXT Theme ixt009_emp05
but i noticed today that when posting to the message boards
and youtube video embed code
the video wont show up

Why do i think its the theme?

Simple. the embed codes would show video before

So i decided to goto my XoopsTube module
and look at the videos posted in there

uh oh... same thing
none of the videos are showing up.

Its only happening under this theme.

I dont even know where to begin on correcting the issue

i can get into html, php, css code error corrections but i dont know where in the files for this skin the problem weould begin

Re: importing database info from 2.18 to 2.3.x

ok tired adding the files/folders not present with the upgraded Frameworks
but still having the issue

before adding them i tried to simply remove the frameworks
and goto modules admin so i can update SYSTEM
but i cant get to admin there

ok so i made the corrections to FRAMEWORKS
and still getting error ( a new one ) on admin page

Fatal error: Call to a member function prefix() on a non-object in /home/virtual/antifm/public_html/world2/kernel/module.php on line 355

it didnt say this before.

Ok uhh now what? im stumped here haaha

as for my old posts regarding the upgrade attempt MANY MANY months ago
its not this thread
i dont even have the notification to it anymore

and dont worry ghia
im not testing this on a LIVE site for hte public
but i do need to see how its going to react in the server environment. So i installed it and have it running ( trying) in a sud directory of my running website

Re: importing database info from 2.18 to 2.3.x

ok i removed the framework folder
now i cant even get to the admin section

i think this is why i didnt go with the latest version of XOOPS a while ago

A) i cant get yogurt to work on it and it had become a large part of the website

b) error locking me out of admin section after hours of work

C) a few more hours of work and no one replied to my help message of getting me back in

d) few days went by and the site was still offline with no help

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