Themes: MyXoopsExtensions For Dreamweaver CS3!

Posted by: podon 2007/7/22 7:11:54 16107 reads Resized Image

At long last and by popular demand, MyXoopsExtensions 3.0.3 has finally arrived for Dreamweaver CS3 - and it is jam-packed full of goodies for everyone, advanced users and newbies alike! For the first time ever MyXoops brings you a revolutionary addition to this already comprehensive theme development suite by integrating many common XOOPS tags in Design View for seamless theme display - now you can design compelling graphical interfaces visually as you fine-tune your code and CSS, without variable statements junking up your workflow.

Take a look: Resized Image This version of MyXoopsExtensions blows previous versions out of the water with features and functionality - while previous versions were comparatively small at under 60KB, this tool box comes in at nearly 5MB! Thats 5 megabytes of smarty tags, block positions & variables, if and else statements, code snippets and pure XOOPS-Theming pleasure. Three months of work and countless hours of research all come beautifully together in this exciting Adobe Dreamweaver Component Suite. View Screenshots:
We are proud to serve the XOOPS community with this powerful theme creation utility and for a limited time we will be offering this much anticipated version of MyXoopsExtensions for an introductory price of only $20.00 in the MyXoops Shop. After you try it out, please let us know what you think!