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Just popping in
Posted on: 2007/8/26 4:15
gui_designer (Show more)
Just popping in
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xoops for Designers

I searched over and over but couldn't find any useful topic for such matter so I decided to create it;

I'm a Professional GUI-Designer who's expert in CSS, is familiar with HTML, and master tools like "Dreamweaver CS3" to develop websites.
Normally I design a layout with Photoshop CS3, get it ready to show to the client in Firework CS3, and then develop it with Dreamweaver with the maximum use of CSS.
Well, my clients are getting bigger and their demands are growing as their size; having forums, limiting access to particular sections for certain visitors, and things like this were always make me scared.
...and that's when I met Xoops!

The thing is, while I can manage to install XOOPS --I just did after 2 hours of reading documentations--, I have no idea about creating Database tables or how Php works. and honestly I prefer Not learn such things.
I'm just trying to use certain Small features as above mentioned. while it doesn't mess with my designs.
In other word;
I'm looking for a way to install XOOPS on server, just add necessary codes to my design --which make it be able to use certain features-- and upload my design. --instead of using a complicated Php based free template and tweak the default layout! to suit my needs, which eventually destroy the whole concept of being a Designer!--
Please Help me out, If there's any way to accomplish that.

In return, I would release free templates for other XOOPS users.