where's the news topic gone?
  • 2004/12/30 12:37

  • m0nty

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i clicked on the comments section on the home page and it says it don't exist even tho the comments are still listed in the block.. lol

Re: where

Kazu is preparing something, due to the amount of problems in

Re: where's the news topic gone?
  • 2004/12/30 12:44

  • falke

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I heard some more news are on it's way. We just have to wait and see.............

*edit* my info came too late it seems (just 1 min.)

Re: where
  • 2004/12/30 12:47

  • m0nty

  • XOOPS is my life!

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  • Since: 2003/10/24

oh ok :) haven't noticed anymore problems at all with lol.. but i haven't really gone thru my site with a toothcomb yet as its only on a test server at mo..

Re: where
  • 2004/12/30 13:15

  • EdStacey

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I guess I complained too much, so they yanked it..
But I have installed,, uh.. no wait a minute.. I didn't get to the c version yet.. I know its tough releasing a new(er) patch or fix.. Hard to get the choir to sing on the same page and all.. but yesterday's tune was.... uh... ouch!

I just wanna get my graphics to upload inside the upload folder instead of the ROOT.. I don't know diddly about PHP programming... Can someone help?

Re: where
  • 2004/12/30 13:32

  • meme

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i think there are problem with php version or missing something important ..

i have use XOOPS since 2002 i dont face any problem with upgrade patch just this upgrade broke my XOOPS so i am sure there are big problem .

Re: where

find the file class/uploader.php, go to line 417:
$this->savedDestination $this->uploadDir $this->savedFileName;

Replace with
$this->savedDestination $this->uploadDir ."/"$this->savedFileName;

Re: where's the news topic gone?
  • 2004/12/30 14:03

  • RVirtue

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Hmmm. Since Xmas, I've updated both my XOOPS installations (test and production sites) from through the and patch series as previously posted. Does this mean that I need to go back and start over?

Re: where's the news topic gone?

If things work for you, I see no reason why you should.

Re: where's the news topic gone?
  • 2004/12/30 14:42

  • onokazu

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Those who have already upgraded to can simply overwrite your XOOPS with the files included in 2.0.9_to_2.0.9.2. However there might be some minor problems with the uploader and the block administration. If you do have problems with them, you can do the following:

Uploader problem: apply the patch posted by Mith on this thread or simply replace class/uploader.php with the one included in 2.0.9.

Block administration problem: edit and save all your blocks. If you have already done that when upgrading to, I am afraid you would need to that again.


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