Re: Half Life server viewer

I would love to see a module that can query multiple game servers.

Perhaps using the queried java library?


Re: System Error with Smilies

I get the same error message when trying to replace smilies on my site.

line 112 of modules/system/admin/smilies/main.php
$smile_code $myts->stripSlashesGPC($_POST['smile_code']);

php 4.3.11
mysql 4.0.25 standard
apache 1.3.33 (unix)

Re: PHP5 and/or MySQL 5 ?

as a new user to XOOPS and php i downloaded the most recent versions, i would have saved myself days and several headaches if i had searched the forums first.

on mysql5 i had a lot of problems getting even basic modules to install, a downgrade to mysql4 fixed all my problems.

Re: can any1 confirm (prob on xoops.org)

I also have this problem on my own site.

When i am logged in i can view all user accounts except my own, i dont know if it is because i am user #1.

If i logout and become an anonymous user, i can see the other account details, no one else who is registered can view the account details for user #1, and when i click 'view account' in the user menu it just returns a blank white page.

Re: problem viewing site after adding/removing module

it fixed itself overnight

^^ delete me

problem viewing site after adding/removing module

im not sure what i could have done to cause this...

when i try to view the site via a url redirector (sa.ingame.org) i get this message

Warning: mysql_connect(): Too many connections in /home/www/www.zeroweb.org/inc/db.php on line 16
Warning: mysql_select_db(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL-Link resource in /home/www/www.zeroweb.org/inc/db.php on line 18
Couldn't open database!

but if i open the site directly using it all works fine.

It's only started happening this evening, i installed and removed smartpartners module whilst xoopspartners was deactivated. Other than that i cant think what else i could have done to cause it.

phpMyAdmin lets me connect to the database and everything looks ok.

Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

Re: download modules - please help

Thanks for the info everyone. I have downgraded MySQL to version 4 and I can create categories now.

download modules - please help

Hi everyone, I am completely new to XOOPS and php but I am a fast learner and have already managed to build a pretty cool site.

My problem is I cannot get any download modules to work. I think I must have tried them all now :(

None of them will allow me to create categories or give me permission to submit a download.

ATM I have pd-downloads 1.2 installed, if I enter the data for the first category to be added and submit it; it says "category created and database updated", but it does not add the category.

Has anyone heard of this type of problem before? I cant find anything in the support forum or faq. Thanx in advance.

php 5.0.5
mysql server 5.0

Can anyone tell me which php extension I should be enabling for xoops?



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