download modules - please help

Hi everyone, I am completely new to XOOPS and php but I am a fast learner and have already managed to build a pretty cool site.

My problem is I cannot get any download modules to work. I think I must have tried them all now :(

None of them will allow me to create categories or give me permission to submit a download.

ATM I have pd-downloads 1.2 installed, if I enter the data for the first category to be added and submit it; it says "category created and database updated", but it does not add the category.

Has anyone heard of this type of problem before? I cant find anything in the support forum or faq. Thanx in advance.

php 5.0.5
mysql server 5.0

Can anyone tell me which php extension I should be enabling for xoops?

Re: download modules - please help
  • 2005/11/12 16:13

  • JMorris

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First, welcome to XOOPS!

I believe the problem you are having is related to your PHP and MySQL versions. As of present, XOOPS and related modules have not been confirmed to work with MySQL 5.0. Support for PHP 5 is iffy on XOOPS versions prior to 2.2.x and even more so on modules, unless stated otherwise.

Hope this clarifys things a bit. Sorry it doesn't solve your problem.

Best Regards,

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Re: download modules - please help
  • 2005/11/12 16:23

  • davidl2

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I believe that a php5 one is under development - but it's a while off release yet.

I would advise avoiding php5 specific modules for the immediate future.

Re: download modules - please help

Well MySQL 5, although new is now considered stable. Any problems in compatibility with this. Anyone using it with no problems?

Re: download modules - please help

Thanks for the info everyone. I have downgraded MySQL to version 4 and I can create categories now.


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