Re: Transfer from PHP-Nuke

If the chat is most important part of your PHP-Nuke site, contact the Comet Chat developers (https://www.cometchat.com/) regarding migration of the content, then you can simply install XOOPS, start the content writing from scratch and integrate Comet Chat inside XOOPS.

ClearChat 1.0 for Nuke (yack... should clean my hard drives someday)

Re: Translation Teams on Transifex

Which ones are with importance (flag them) ?
And u also can remove (after backing up current translations) all Wishcraft modules, to speed up loading on mobile devices and not so faster CPUs.

Re: Translation Teams on Transifex


Mamba wrote:
1 - Remove spaces

I am not sure, this is required. Their example is having spaces after the comma:


Replace (') by (").

Is this required by Transifex? I didn't see it anywhere...

She got me wrong probably, currently writing explanation, where is accepted and where not. And she is doing her job well, not insulting anyone (If I was on her place, everyone can imagine the result:) ), she is just new to the whole system...
XOOPS and all forks, have same structure. Once with ', another time with ", this is up to the core dev team, how they will be written and maintained, the important is to NOT have spaces between ) and ; and between last word inside the line, eg.
"words are here" ) ; - this will lead to strange TX error.

("_AM_MYTABS_CREATE_TAB""Create a new tab");

('_AM_MYTABS_CREATE_TAB''Create a new tab');

('_AM_MYTABS_CREATE_TAB'"Create a new tab");

"_AM_MYTABS_CREATE_TAB" "Create a new tab" ) ;

("_AM_MYTABS_CREATE_TAB""Create a new tab") ;


What will be inside for _AM_SOMETHING or the text, can be set by Trabis and rest currently working on tree. If will be " or ' or both, AM_Something with ' and text with " or vise verse. During the beta releases of TX there was requirements, inside the bracket to be (AM_DEFINE) with same symbols, but thanks to M.A. and some other people and Infidex of course, those limits are gone.

Protector files have to be changed (definitions) to standard XOOPS definitions in order to be included in 2.5.6 Final. Currently XOOPS (only core) on TX, don't have protector files.

@Rest of translators, yeah... when I had in past XOOPS Bulgaria for unofficial local support sites, the priorities was set by the users. Content at first place, Web Links at second and so on. Now priorities are different, not set as REQUIRED ORDER, only as option. All of us have families, rl stuff/tasks and a lot of more things to do, but when we have time, to translate all modules under Blue-Move section, so when a user, random visitor got XOOPS-2.5.6 from here and the Basic Module Pack, to have fully functional CMS in his own language. That's all, no one sets time limits/deadlines (that's best on volunteer job) on translation tasks. If you don't like TX by any reason (really it's not important, what the reason is), simply select your language as coordinator and upload the translations to each language file per module. If you are not Language Team Coordinator, forward it to such or via GoogleCode/SF.NET or mirrorcreator to Cesag, she will have all REALLY latest modules translated and updated on GIT.

@Cesag... drop me a PM with your email, bcz I forgot it, even don't remember and name... (damn empty old head..:) )

ps. and the problem with infinite lines caused by CRLF still exist probably... have to verify it next few days... Cesag if have time can upload one file with CRLF to see if is corrected in latest version of the platform.

Re: Translation Teams on Transifex

3rd way which is used by ownCloud to sync translations with TX and GIT is:

# update translations
cd l10n/
# ownCloud specific - creates pot
perl l10n.pl read
tx push 
tx pull 
# ownCloud specific - po to php
perl l10n.pl write

# push to git
git status
git add 
git commit -am "[tx-robot] updated from transifex"
git push
git status
echo "done"

Re: Translation Teams on Transifex

there are 2 ways
one by Madfish -http://bit.ly/WHq65K , which need a little corrections (maybe) for X 2.5 core
another by Infidex -http://pypi.python.org/pypi/transifex-client/

Re: Transifex and rant


yes There is rules. good or incomplete or even bad rules. but unfortunately people have the right to obey them or not.

If this was true...J! will never be number one choice for everything with over 10,000 extensions.

There are no rules for nothing, only "political" to be gentle and kind on forums, nothing regarding development, even for following one terminology and way of placing releases.

Re: Translation Teams on Transifex

Cesag you misunderstand the meaning of REVIEWER!

Reply on this thread so that I can keep the position of coordinator. People who have not answered here become "Reviewers" of Transifex.

Reviewer is one of the best team members, for French is a English language teacher, someone to proofread your work and to notify Project (not team) coordinators that French translation for module X is completed and verified.

Re: Transifex and rant

I was rising this points several times for the last year...., no more.

Cesag have my contacts if she need help with GiJoe's way of typing definitions, Wishcraft and some of the new ones of playing with formatting language files. So, she will get help how to fix, correct and convert files of one or another module so they can be translatable.

Re: Translation Teams on Transifex

Adin is a woman from another community, I'm using for proofreading my translations.

TX is the only way to maintain languages for anything up to date if is used in the proper way, ownCloud for example made a script for automatic sync of translated files daily (but GNU Gettext is there, no plain text files with place holders).

Re: Transifex and rant

Damn, I can't edit.... Use of NewBB must be banned, and this crappy module to go in history where it's place is it! SMF changed license - use it!, phpBB3 is GPL - use it, this crappy thing is nothing more then Notes/Board - something like old BBS!


Even Master Yoda have limits...

They reject to follow simple rules

We've talked about this several times and the result is ZERO

+ Chagelogs for everything
Avaman moves from RC to Final in silent mod and nothing is changed as fact
+ Language files to be kept up to date even translations, what for people on TX loosing their time to keep modules up to date, when modules still are released and distributed with outdated translations
+ Specific string to be added to existing language files in about.php which will direct credits to the specific Language Team Translator
eg. Cesag (cesag-email@somewhere) as Team Language coordinator for French translations, who the hell knows that with current way of translating files ?
+ Naming and versioning - still everyone makes releases on their own, no matter of what
+ One and only support forums, those at XOOPS.org
++ Not forced registrations on 3rd party sites for simple task to obtain a module
++ Respecting GPL, which says - all modules must be available for free for everyone if they are released for free.
+++ No one must be forced to register to author's site to obtain module or theme
+++ No one must be forced to use Spanish forums to report bugs for RMCommons, and/or to learn Spanish to understand the interface of the site for this specific module

All Module developers must be forced to use specific rules, but what example will be this if the main module maintainer for XOOPS, not follow!
All Theme designers (and module developers) must read GPL before to release anything, any aggressive act against GPL must be treated by XOOPS.ORG.
Every module/theme designer must react on user requests on this forum, NO I will not Learn nor Spanish, nor French, nor anything different then English to use my favorite (probably less in this days), bcz everyone want and do all things in their way!

Bitcero u was respected in past developer by me, now u are not:
1. U can't throw a post here, regarding latest release of RMCommon and TO NOT respond to user's problems! This is 101% abusive act against XOOPS core and it's community
2. You're files must be available for download without obstructions, this means sites like sourceforge.net - not on your personal Spanish pseudo support sites!
3. When you make promises to update and keep your modules operating, to follow them

Chronolabs aka Wishcraft = running away from obligations is not the way real developers do their job.
If I release something buggy will fix it and will release updates, regularly
Will read users responses and will take care of the problematic situations
Will read licenses before to release any of my paid jobs to public!
...and for many, many other reasons all of your work will be removed from TX before I og

Trabis, no matter how much J! core developers are busy with their specific tasks on sub-projects in extending and developing Joomla! in the way to be made Number 1 choice for CMS, they are responding to community requests, not using someone like Mamba to translate what are u doing and where.

Yeah I've got reply from u, very unsatisfying but a reply.
"We will do that, bcz we decided in that way, if not works in future - we will replace it"
and this explains what's wrong with XOOPS, not any big change for 5 cores, XOOPS 2.5.5 is like XOOPS with just changed administration interface, more bugs and incompatibilities.

2.1 (Development dead release)
2.2 Something freash - dead
2.3 Extended development of 2.0 - adding nothing
2.4 Adding nothing
2.5 Adding nothing, Mamba comes from somewhere and make some modules fully functional with this non-sense release
2.6. Nothing planed to be changed, adding bunch of stuff not requested by anyone, and things that are requested are moved to 2.7 or 3.0, and what again Mamba or someone like him will make this core somehow usable by converting few outdated (really outdated) modules.

Mage: When I got negative reply by someone, I reply him in my way, by my words, I don't tolerate censorship and such idiotic politics.
When someone criticize your work, see if he is right and if is - correct it!
Your countryman are not here to protect your work !
When u're releasing something to operate under specific core, it's must follow the interface and terminology of that core, and u will learn to use it, or make yourself another core!

GIJoe (nothing bad for the dead...but): Yeah he made some good extensions for, but does his bugs must present in 2.5.5 ? Who is responsible for that ?

Catz: Best of the best (towards with Marc andre and solo): Really hope to see u back, in the core development of XOOPS, not in born-dead forks like XOOSLA/Cube/Impress.

Mamba: My hope was in you, at least you will keep language files and translations in their actual states... no comments.

So Cesag will be added instead of Bitcero, which does nothing in Localization tasks!
imtfan will be added as Coordinator too, hopefully he will have more patience then me and 2.6 will come out with INI files, with rules which people follow.

I'll still keep an eye on XOOPS, but will not loose anymore time with it. All my free time will be redirected to projects which are really "community driven". To translate and help localization of projects like CMS Made Simple, Joomla! and Concrete5. Will stay in coordinators team till someone remove me, but will not act until user ask me in PM, like Cesag.

That's all.... for now!


There is a lot of good work happening recently on XOOPS, and we need to focus on the positive and important, and not let the small things impact us.

Taking decisions on core developer's will, without asking no one in the community ? I don't see anything positive in 2.6, except of making more mess
Extension - in world wide usable CMS is something, 3rd part extension/application that extends the core, here simple tasks like plugins are called Applications/Extensions!


I hope, you'll reconsider your decision and help us to make XOOPS the best it can be!

Maybe after XOOPS 2.x (INI) release.... who knows.

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