Re: My host is toast

Link is dead.

Web Hosting Monster taking over one company after the next...

If you are looking for a web hosting company, you need to read this article:

EIG web hosting affiliates companies and some non-EIG companies...

What EIG does is buy up web hosting companies, then break up the existing resources owned by those companies, and re-install those resources off-shore from the US and Western European companies. They move the web hosting servers. The fire the original management and support teams and replace them with overseas operations from slave wage countries like Pakistan and India.

Needless to say, when this happens, the service goes to hell in a handbasket, and YOU the web hosting customer are stuck with either putting up with their shenanigans, or moving your web site to another host. Many choose to suffer through, or have simpler sites that do not need technical support to any great extent, and this is what EIG is counting on.

Do yourself a favor and avoid all such sites, including the exclusive hosting company in the ads on this page - Arvixe.

Re: [Arvixe.com] Free Domain + 20% LIFETIME Web Hosting Discount!

When this annoucement was made, and the association established, Arvixe servers were located in the US and owned by a US company. Another company EIG bought Arvixe, moved all the jobs and all the servers to Pakistan to obtain the slave labor waged cheap support people and instituted a basic "I don't care" policy with regards to customer support. I know that Xoops gets revenue from Arvixe for their "exclusive" ads, but I would prefer to NOT see Xoops endorse any hosting company that is defrauding people, providing bad support, and does not care that they are. I would prefer that Xoops dissasociate itself from advertising ANY web hosting companies, no matter what they would pay to have their ads on this site. The fact that Xoops is promoting Arvixe and doesn't allow anyone else to place their ad on the site is a sure reason why MOST if not ALL other web hosting companies do not recommend or offer Xoops in their installation and support scripts. Just do the logical math. Support one hosting company exclusively and you have locked out all the others. Why should the others support some CMS that won't let them have an ad too. Xoops has become a side note in the CMS world partly because of this deal. It is a bad deal for Xoops now. It may have been great back when it was made. For those seeking a Web Hosting Company, please, for your own sake, look somewhere else other than Arvixe.

Re: Best Web Hosting for Xoops

You really need to re-think the whole association with Arvixe. Since they were bought, they are not longer hosting in the US, and a traceroute shows that they support out of Pakistan. And "support" is too strong a word. Trouble tickets now go ignored completely for four or more days. Customer billing is totally screwed up with customers being labeled a "FRAUD" and having their entire domain shut down for a credit card changeover ( you know, when you get a new credit card and the old one goes away ) no notice, no call, no nothing and BANG down goes your site. If Arvixe is the official web hosting company of Xoops, then you really are besmirching the good name of Xoops. Yes, I feel that strongly that Arvixe is now one big scam, and Xoops needs to steer well clear of them. I don't know how much they are paying for the advert space on "our" page, but it's not enough if Xoops becomes associated with rip off artists and swindlers and VERY poor customer service. I say this out of love for Xoops. Drop them. Please!

Re: Common Utilities - RMcommon - 500 errors and/or blank pages


Mamba wrote:
Sorry to say that, but both DTransport and RM Common are in Beta, and they should not be installed on a Production site, unless you are aware of the risks and able to fix any issues that might result from a Beta.

Did you do a backup of the site before you've installed them?

The best way might be to just reinstall your backup, and test the RMCommon and DTransport on a test site.

Restored from backup two days ago before all was installed. Now get main page ok, but admin page blank. It's ok, site not online yet. Will contact arvixe and have them put the original image back on the site. Not sure what happened, but it's definately linked to changing the status of RMCommon from being on the menu to not being on the main menu via the module administration control panel in Common Modules. Sorry I can't be more help. Error logs don't reveal much except 404 errors on pages that are actually there. The server error log is empty.

Deleting everything but the core Xoops, - now I get to main page, but Admin page is blank. So, will nuke the whole thing and re-install from scriptaculous and see what happens. Thanks.

Common Utilities - RMcommon - 500 errors and/or blank pages

Posted in Common Utilities Announcement in news also:

Xoops 2.5.5 on Unix Apache server hosted on Arvixe. Installed Common Utilities 2.1.70 rmcommon module, dtransport, and forum modules - All worked fine. Problem: Common Utilities appeared in Menu - Solution: went into Common Utilities Control Panel and toggled "Appears in Menu" option from Checkmark to Big red X.

Whamo - Internal server error 500 on all pages - main, admin, rmcommon direct.

So, went in with PHPMyAdmin and toggled all the 0's for display module in menu back to 1s. No more Internal server error 500, but no all are BLANK pages. The usual Blank Page remedies do not fix it. Looking over the code now, but frankly am not much of a PHP guru.

At this time, my web site (dleinc.org) for a non-profit organization is bricked, and I haven't got a clue. Will post in forum if that is better, but which one? RedMexico forums are all spanish - mi espanol es poquito (see?). Any Xoops ORG folks who may have a clue, I am all ears. Nice folks who need the site are of course worried, as am I.

Thanks for your help in advance.

Re: Display Problem with Modules Admin in System Module


ghia wrote:

For the other modules, do the install one by one: upload one, install it, upload the next, ...
This way, you can see which module is failing. Set also debug on.

Ok, gotcha... I'll do that. I'm re-installing right now. Just cleaned out the whole thing and started over.


Re: Display Problem with Modules Admin in System Module

Here's my system info to help figure it out:

Server: Generic Clone running Ubuntu Server 9.10 Karmic Koala
PHP: 5.x
Apache/2.2.12 (Ubuntu)
MySql: 5.1.37-1ubuntu5
MySQL client version: 5.1.37
PHPMyAdmin: Version information:
XOOPS Version XOOPS 2.4.3
PHP Version 5.2.10-2ubuntu6.4
mySQL Version 5.1.37-1ubuntu5
Server API apache2handler
safe_mode Off
register_globals Off
magic_quotes_gpc On
allow_url_fopen On
fsockopen On
post_max_size 8M
max_input_time 60
max_execution_time 30
memory_limit 16M
file_uploads On
upload_max_filesize 2M
XOOPS Key 3b50b8-31e21d-07ff8f-740a6f-6b3941

Modules Installed:

Calendar (piCal)
Private Messaging
Site Statistics
User Profile

Module in module directory but NOT installed:


Wierd symptom #1: when debug is turned on I get a message at the bottom of the modules page (before the unistalled modules bits) that reads "install the latest altsys"
Wierd symptom #2: Modules page has basic "table" layout ok, but no formatting from theme is occuring. Just plain white background with black text form(s).
Wierd symptom #3: Modules page goes down to the line -
Module Version Action
then ends. Modules TO BE INSTALLED do not show up although they are in the modules directory (see bulletin above).

Nothing but the altsys message comes up, and it's not in the standard "debug" format at either top or bottom of page, but rather in the middle.

Re: Display Problem with Modules Admin in System Module


ghia wrote:
Some people who has the same complaints, said it was needed to uninstall and install the module for putting it to work again.


Which module are you referring to? System? Protector? I'm confused. Sorry.


Re: Display Problem with Modules Admin in System Module

I have exactly the same problem on the new 2.4.3 final version. I installed only 4 modules and then made an (accidental) change to add my local lan to my Protector IP list (I had figured it out backwards to how it works), and locked myself out from my second machine on the lan I was working from.

I disabled protector, and got back in, then went into protector's config files and removed the hex number configs recommended elsewhere on the forum.

Then on coming back into XOOPS Admin modules, I have the same issues as the fellow above. I've been troubleshooting it all day with no love so far. Any help would be appreciated.

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