My host is toast
  • 2007/3/2 6:13

  • MadFish

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My current host has become erratic and unhelpful. I need to find a good place to put my work site.

Must haves:

* Reliable service and solid servers. This is the main issue.
* Help desk with human staff that care about their customers.
* Security conscious.
* About 1GB disk space.

Other things we would prefer (but not essential) are SSH access and a cPanel interface.

The main thing is the solid reliable service. I can't tolerate flaky, hacked or overloaded servers or a help desk that doesn't give a rats. Price is a secondary issue, I'm not looking for a budget host.

Is there such a thing as a bullet proof host? Appreciate your suggestions.

Re: My host is toast
  • 2007/3/2 7:13

  • Anonymous

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Just upgraded my site to this package. So far so good - miles better than their cheaper package I was using and support has always been quick and helpful.

I also hear very good things about fasthost.co.uk


Re: My host is toast
  • 2007/3/2 8:38

  • svaha

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I'm with servage.net for a few months now, so I can't recommend it yet (had some downtime and unresolved issues with my dedicated ip)The service is good though and a huge amount of space bandwidth and so on, friendly service.

What I can recommend is onsmart.com (rainbowshaman.com)
I've been with them for years now, practically no downtime, 24/7 life chat service with friendly professional help. As far as I know they have a good security.

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Re: My host is toast
  • 2007/3/2 14:28

  • JMorris

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If you're looking for a lot of power and security and you want the very best support, I'd recommendhttp://www.futurehosting.biz/

I have a Managed VPS with them and I'm extremely pleased. I'm in the process of moving most of my sites off of 1and1 over to my VPS account because I've outgrown a shared hosting environment.

The package I have:
40GB Disk Space
550GB Bandwidth
768MB Guaranteed RAM / 2GB Burstable
3 Dedicated IPs
Plesk (cPanel available)
Guranteed SLA
Fanatical Support

To give you an idea of the level of support... I've never had to wait more than 2 hours for non-emergency support. For emergencies, I've never waited more than 10 minutes. They are also really good about announcing when they will be performing services on their servers as well.

A VPS isn't for everyone, but if you want the best performance and the greatest level of security, it is an affordable option.

I'm going to be switching over to the cPanel package so I can run Apache with suexec. This allows for much tighter folder permissions. I would recommend this configuration for you as well.
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Re: My host is toast

by MadFish on 2007/3/2 0:13:10

I have been withhttp://hypermart.net since 2000 and have never been down, correct that... maybe once while they did some upgrading but I hardly noticed it.

The reason I like it so well is because when I washttp://BentonVideoVisions.com and selling video tapes I was at the very top of the google search. Normally, number one. (no more product to sell so do not use it for that now, haven't for a year or so.)

I am now in the process of developinghttp://hard-hunting.com on that (bentonvideovisions) site. You can host as many .coms etc. as you wish as far as I can tell.

My biggest problem is KEEPING -- Google FROM indexing some priority stuff while still maintaining their schedule of hitting on my site. My customer wanted to be number one when he put Hard-hunting on the search bar. Right now he is number 3-5 and 6 out of 16,300 and he just got the name last week, and I don't have a clue what I am doing with that page yet. Just working on keeping Google interested.

I do know that for me.. Hypermart, time, and a whole lot of html pages with lots of links and a whole lot of text will get you a good Google position.

Hypermart cost me $100.00 per year since I pay on a yearly basis. I know there are cheaper sites but this one has been worth the bucks to me.

Good luck,
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Re: My host is toast
  • 2007/3/3 4:27

  • MadFish

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Many thanks for your suggestions, I'll go through them and probably get a few short term account to test.

A VPS isn't for everyone, but if you want the best performance and the greatest level of security, it is an affordable option.

A VPS sounds quite attractive, although we don't have enough expertise in house to manage a server (properly) ourselves, but I'll check out the managed VPS and see just how managed they are.


Re: My host is toast
  • 2007/3/3 5:15

  • LiliVG

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I can tell you who NOT to use..lol
Dot5hosting.com seems to always have issues. My site was down for 2 days because of them about a week ago, and there always seems to be little bugs, as soon as one is gone another one appears. Their email response time is good though. They do have live chat, but it's not helpful at all. If they can even speak english and understand what I'm trying to say, they just tell my to send an email to support. Or they give me a boxed answer like "we're working on it, it'll be fixed soon". Sometimes "soon" meant 4 days of no FTP access, and then finally having to have my site moved to another server. Or having no access to the control panel. Or the whole site being down for 2 days. Or getting inaccurate error messages in the control panel. It's just messed up, I'm gonna switch to a different host soon.

Re: My host is toast
  • 2007/3/3 7:09

  • Bill_L

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I've been with servint for a few years now. I started out with the essential vps package. I needed to expand so I just bumped up my account to the signature vps.


Servint is the most professional hosting company I have ever had. They are rock solid and offer phone support 24/7.


When ever I need any hosting information I always stop bye the pros over here.


All you need to do is search the hosting company name.

Re: My host is toast
  • 2007/3/3 14:25

  • JMorris

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My managed VPS package is just as managed as a shared hosting package, so if I don't *want* to tinker under the hood, I don't have to, but I have that option if I so desire.

Just send an email to them and ask all the questions you want. Their pre-sales support is just as exceptional as their post-sales support.

Good luck!

Insanity can be defined as "doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results."

Stupidity is not a crime. Therefore, you are free to go.

Re: My host is toast
  • 2007/3/7 3:27

  • Falcon22

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I am looking athttp://www.futurehosting.biz/vps.htm as mentioned here but want to compare it to Hosting Zoom VPS;http://www.modvps.com/vps-hosting.html

Hosting Zoom includes eAccelerator which I understand improves performance and speed. Are there other factors to consider? Hosting Zoom VPS said they would transfer my sites for me since I use cPanel/WHM. Speed is important to me as I have active sites. Also I have had problems with shared hosting not allowing persistant connections. Could someone please evaluate these 2 VPS options and let me know which may be better for XOOPS sites. Thank You


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