Re: WF-Sections v2 Preview

I see that you have the User Points Mod working on this site, any chance of making that available for download?

Re: Acceptable to clients as a portal?

Novell uses XOOPS for their developer websites. I don't have the URL for it though.

Re: summary

XOOPS developers gives some sarcastic answers: We will inform when it is ready or they say "My standard answer is, it will be out sometime before Harry Potter Book 6".

Well, sometimes, the only answer you can give is a sarcastic answer to a question, that is....

We just released the 2.0 version a few months ago, and released several fixes for it. We are currently having an active discussion with the community regarding the future of XOOPS and creating and setting up new teams to handle the growth and the new version of Xoops.

Folks who use Open Source tools have this unreasonable expectation that they get a new full featured release every month, and then complain that there are no modules or themes for the system. What is wrong with waiting 4 - 6 months or even a year between major releases? How do you expect Module and Theme developers to create 3rd party products if the core is changing every other week? This has been a huge problem with PN, PHPNuke, etc and one that XOOPS has so far avoided.

The one thing the XOOPS Core Devs are great at is releasing fairly stable systems that have a good number of features. We like to make sure that everything works as well as can be expected before we announce or even release anything. To say that we haven't been communicating with the community is ridiculous.

Thanks to Herko and his fab community relations skills, the XOOPS team has been keeping the community informed of our progress. We have been giving regular updates on what we're planning, and have asked for and received a ton of input. We are in the very early stages of 2.1 and are putting things into place, including - documentation, modules, product packaging, themes, etc.... To make this release one of the best OS CMS's to come around the pike. A release of the magnitude that we have planned is not something to be entered into lightly, or rush overnight. While we can't state when this release will be available, I will almost gurantee that it will be well worth the wait.

Re: e-xoops for music?

When we release 2.1 in the next few months, XOOPS will come in bundled versions, one of which will most likely be
a Music Community Pack, we're also discussing 4 other XOOPS Configurations as well.

I will open up a Package Roadmap discussion in a few months when we get closer to finishing X2.1

Re: Version 1.21 of Meta-Generator module

Just in case this has slipped your attention. The french XOOPS support site has in its downloads catalog a modularized meta-generation tool.

is this available in English?

Since the underlying code in e-xoops is xoops, I wonder if their module/s will work on an XOOPS website?

Re: Post your feature requests for the newBB

I would also like to see the forums totally replace the news comments as well, so that way you are not duplicating discussion threads as what happens a lot with my site, where people will comment on a story and then create a forum thread for that same comment, it'd be nice if there was a way to tie those two together.

With that said, I would also like to have the ability to turn off the comments on a per article basis or site wide and force people into the forums to comment on stuff.

Module and PHP Learning Resources?

Ok, I'm going to take the initiative here and build some modules for my site, but I need to know what are some good free resources for learning PHP/OOP and then learning how to create XOOPS Mods (I'm assuming I'll probably just have to take apart a mod and figure it out that way)

Re: Cutting out the Geeky stuff!

Glad to see that people are starting to agree with me on this. I've been posting and lobbying about this for a year now. Hopefully we'll get it with the 2.1 series :)

Re: Xoops 2.1 Module development Roadmap


I would like a more robust, and customizable Menu system, where you can run multiple instances of it in various positions.

So I'd like to have a side navigation that features the main items, and then maybe a menu that goes across the top of the site in a dropdown format (like microsoft.com)

Re: How to download Xoops 2.1 (beta?)

My standard answer is, it will be out sometime before Harry Potter Book 6.

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