Re:Xoops vs Mambo


sbkiller wrote:
There's some extension plugin for Dreamweaver for developing theme with the Mambo code (let say just like smarty code).
A-ha... I must run and use this monster (I have it anyway, but for XOOPS themes good text editor is enougth most time). I can preview theme without big problem outside DW... can not in Mambo case

Re:Xoops vs Mambo


sbkiller wrote:
Everything is true you guys said, but XOOPS doesn't have the extended blocks or multi blocks right?

Because it uses (from my poor and short experience) more fundamental and logical basis of rights separation and aggragation - it operates on levels of module-block-usergroup, not at level "this user and this pice of HTML-code". Mambo's user-rights concept is more ecletical and limited - even adding new categories must be done by hack.
From other side - I like idea of "inline editing" on page allowed to edit conent and can see in in XOOPS (in core and in reviwed and used modules), but, probably, I miss something

Re:Xoops vs Mambo


aerialis wrote:
Does anybody know if the Mambo Admin works in Opera?.

At least Mambo's 4.5 (1.09) in Opera 7.50 (build 3778) works for me

Re: Xoops vs Mambo


sbkiller wrote:

Any of you tried Mambo?
Yes, I try (hardly) to create with it usable sites, and have one my site on this <censored> stuff
From non-developer POV - it
- lacks usable modules in wide area
- has ... well... "problematic" concept of separating components (modules in Xoops) and modules (blocks in Xoops), overloaded complexity (forgot to note another creatures - mosbots) as results... You never know before, what you have to have in order to get "this part and this" to work
I can't read Mambo themes without - they are unreadable in editor (but biggest part look nicer than most of XOOPS themes, IMHO)
From reading news and user's comments: each even minor update is big headache for mambers: now they are in movement form 4.5 to 4.5.1 and ... it's not obvious process, even flash-instruction posted as manual
In my tests I see XOOPS works faster - even on more complex site (same host) XOOPS loads ~2x faster
I had to find editor, which will work
- in WYSWYG mode in FireFox
- without glithes
and (partially) failed in such research
For XOOPS I didn't try find alternatives (I have, but it's not "must have" replacement)
Docman (file-archive) is ugly, forum is "infant terrible"

I can continue this "blacklist" after continued attempts made in Mambo that I want, not that Mambo think I want

Re: Credits v1.3 now available

Probably stupid question - how to add own credit_types?
I can't find any relation between data in VALUES (in tables dump, haven't read source yet)

Re: New posts still new after reading?

I got this problem too after using "permanent login" hack
All permanent users have all messahes unread
It can be related to cookie management... Maybe you sent wrong cookie, or clients rejects cookies?
Opera - best "cookie-problem debugger" IMO

Re: Is Xoops a CMS ?

But - don't forget, that (from my POV) for good content management real versioning is "must have" feature... which currently missing in XOOPS at all (or I can't find it?)

Re: New Module and Hack: 'Registration Codes' -- for pre-assigning group membership to new users

Can't recall, where I found it, but you tried to find regkeys-v1.0.1 module, which i can send to you (27K) or upload, or "regkeys" search give you hints in Downloads sections

BTW - in light of release (where edited by you core files was'n changed, but... who knows about .2,.3) you can create and add diifs for more easier patching modified register* files in future

Just 2 penny

Offline docs wanted

Created new XOOPS site (empty) and want to have some RTFM offline - how to add content, evolve it etc... Any hints? (no problem /yet/ with administration, only with adding content to chapters)

Re: Can I share only users between different XOOPS sites?

Thanks for hints, I'll try moddule (because I hate apply hacks in "novice mode", even using SCM for all modifications)

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