Xoops is good for building an information web security and web design portal?!
And what modules are good for this work and you recommande me to use?!
thanks very much guys!

Re: xasset..functions..

this cubecart as i see is almost the same thing with oscommerce right or?
with cube cart i can sell downlodable products like :books,documents,mp3,etc?!
what payment types do they support?
cube cart is available as an module for XOOPS too?
ps.:as i know if someone made something under gpl license that will be until the version he latest release under gpl license!
if he doesnt want to make the module available through gpl he can make that module payable or something to receive money but he must another version that haves not been released as gpl he must release that under commercial and can have many other functions or support that the gpl version doesnt haves!
Anyhow i don`t know all the time we fight around here normaly we should serve the world and unite for an better XOOPS but as i see most people haves fight instead of helping us each other!
i think is more better to participate to help community not to fight on each other like some childhoods!
anyhow that`s only my opion anyhow who wants can blame me for thinking that way but i will not change the way i think!
I always judge the people after the way they think not on the way they look!

Re: xasset..functions..

can you have me to my mail:houseraddicted@yahoo.com the version 0.93 i have 0.86!
oky but how long will be visible?
if he share the link to another because she or he sees the link after he pay and can share with others and gives the dwl link to an friend
that friend can download or no?
Because this an insecurity that is not very good!


can anybody tell me more exactly how this module is function?
okay so i put the module added an file for payed download!
My question are
1)The file to be downloaded needs to be payed right via paypal?After i receive the money he/she receive the link of download?
2)That link is everytime the same link or it is generated automaticaly and changes everytimes is maked an purchase?
3)Or that link for download i need to provide him via email?
So how is working more exactly if anybody can tell me that have used this module and knows exactly!
Cool link real estate:

Re: Official Notice for removal of xAsset from the Module Repository

xasset is an very good project may i know why you quit?
you can tell me privately if you cannot in forum!
maybe we can speak a little bit to be good for you maybe i can sustain your ideea!thanks!

Re: how to sell virtual products?!or services online?

does anybody knows from :
wich of those paypal module for oscoomerce was adapted the paypal plugin for xasset?!

Re: Payments module

on kshop you can sell virtual goods?
moneybookers is available for xassets or kshop?!
if somebody haves moneybookers for xassets pls send it to my mail or email me an pm with download link to it!
email:houseraddicted@yahoo.com pls let me know in here!

Re: newslleter module

i have an php newslleter that is very good that i haved buyed his name is: in out mailing list who can help me out i need an coder to make it available for XOOPS too?!
that module i will share it with all and will contribute on XOOPS module contributions and future!

Re: jinzora module

so just dwl jinzora and all the files from zip i put it as an module and that is all?!
zina is writed in there is tested on XOOPS 2.0.7 you should try in 2.016 if you have an module link i can test it for you as i haved an demo instaled on my site with XOOPS 2.016 and after that i can tell you exactly if works or not...
anyhow with jinzora just a question to who knows as an admin you can put the files only to lisen and not those files to be available for download too?!
i meen more exactly as an admin in jinzora you can put put files only for lisening and not download of those files?
thanks again guys...

Re: how to sell virtual products?!or services online?

in that paypal code is writed for xassets:
"Some of this code is adapted from the OSCommerce paypal payment module"
Can somebody tell who knows exactly from what module of osccommerce because they are more for paypal is adapted and an download to see more exactly how it was adapted to check maybe i can make it availble for moneybookers and why not for 2checkout?!

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