Re: Help!!! Xoops Crashed, Willing to PAY Someone To Fix it!!

thanks for all the tips, but nothing seems to be working, and if anything I think it's getting worse, so any help would be much appreciated. I'm willing to pay some cash, cool dvds, etc., for anyone who can help.

Re: problem in news 1.44

how are you doing your news images?

Re: Help!!! Xoops Crashed, Willing to PAY Someone To Fix it!!

I found out part of the problem, the server crashed and my host provider moved the server over to a new platform, but I think he tried upgrading to PHP 4 and it didn't work, so now the new server has PHP 4 on it, and it doesn't seem to be compatible with PHP 3x, according to him he can't upload my backed up db because it

"The escape character for 3.x was \' The escape character for 4.x is '' "

I'm not sure if this is really the case, but if so is there a work around?

Re: Help!!! Xoops Crashed, Willing to PAY Someone To Fix it!!

thanks for the tips, I have a complete backup of the db, now I just need to get it to work. My host provider changed servers Again today, so hopefully playing with today will get it to work.

Re: Help!!! Xoops Crashed, Willing to PAY Someone To Fix it!!


I wish I could give you more info, but I don't know what happend, I was out of town when it happened. I didn't provide a link because there was nothing to see, but you can see the beautiful blank page at http://www.eclipsemagazine.com. I tried the recovery page and that doesn't help either.

At first the site stopped displaying news, then I sent an email out to my readers explaining what happened, then the next morning when I woke up the site was completely "gone" meaning it was nothing but blank pages.

I copied stuff from my backup files over and I was able to get it back online, but then my text sanitizer no longer worked, and the system no longer recognized any of my html code (I use standard img src code for all of our articles), I decided to try and upgrade, hoping that one of the upgrades would fix my articles (I didn't want to manually go back and edit 1,100 articles) so I upgraded from 2.010 - 2.013 with no problems, but it didn't fix my formatting issue. So I thought if I upgrade to 2.2 that it would fix it from a db standpoint, instead, it seems to have messed everything up beyond my ability to repair or restore. And I've tried numerous methods and nothing seems to work.

Hope this answers your questions, again, using my backed up db doesn't seem to be doing anything, and all of a sudden my host provider is having trouble importing the various tables as well. I don't know what's going on.

Help!!! Xoops Crashed, Willing to PAY Someone To Fix it!!

Hey Everyone,

For some unknown reason my 3 year old XOOPS site went buggy and then crashed two weeks ago and no matter what I do, I can't seem to get it back up. I need someone to take a look at it and get it back up and running (ASAP - Like this weekend).

If you can help me out, it would be much appreciated. Please email me at malexandria@eclipsemagazine.com.


Module Textsanitizer?

Hey Everyone,

I had a major site meltdown last week, I finally got everything running again, the only problem is my Textsanitizer doesn't seem to want to "sanitize" any of my articles, it works fine on new articles, but on all the "old" articles it inserted "" quotes which breaks all the html tags, and it removed all the paragraph spaces. Can anyone explain to me how this module works, and how to get it to recognize all of the old articles, comments, etc...? I don't want to go back and have to manually reformat over 1,500 articles! Please email me off 'list', I rarely check these forums. thanks

Donation Block?

How did you all create the Donation block? Was it manually created or is there a customizable donation block available that has the little poll and donation list?

Free RSS and MP3 Converters?

Does anyone know of any free RSS Creation tools? There were a couple, but they all cost money, which I'll pay for, but before I go that route I figured there has to be some easy RSS Creation Tools out there. For instance this $19 tool that I downloaded has a few simple fields that you fill out and it'll automatically generate your RSS file. When I do a google search I don't see any free tools.

This same question is for MP3 converters as well, it seems like all the expensive aps I have, none of them will convert wma to mp3, and I really don't want to purchase another music maker tool.

RSS In Templates?

Where in the template file is the code to insert the RSS button in your news and topic items? While hacking my news templates, I deleted it for a couple reasons, but now on reflection I want it back, but I don't remember what it was I deleted or how to reinsert it.


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