Re: The future of XOOPS?

As I understand it there are plans to make Themes more generic and more like a module for 2.6. It would be great however if some of the theme makers get more involved with 2.6 to insure this happens. Would be nice to have the base 2.6 theme be reactive so it will look good on whatever device it is on and to insure it is as generic as possible.

Moving forward hopefully 2.6 will have a base that will more or less make it very simple to make modules look like the main theme and reduce the hard coding of CSS/HTML.


Re: PHP 7 coming soon! And XOOPS will be ready!

So they are skipping right over PHP6?

Richard has been doing some mad coding lately... Lots of new updates...

Re: PHP server upgrade issue on Xoops 2.0.17- How to make it work again?

2.0.17 is a very old version and has security issues as well so upgrading to the latest version is not a bad idea. As already mentioned your best bet is to start your site from scratch. You CAN move some data over but you will likely end up having to do it manually.


Re: upgrade to newer version from 2.3.1 - howto?

There are a few ways of doing this project and all of them start out with you backing up the database and the website files.

Chances are your server changed the PHP version on you to one not compatible with 2.3.x and you are having issues with that. (In that case you will need to move to ATLEAST the last version of 2.4 but due to security issues and bug fixes you will want to move to the latest but it will take some work to do from that old of xoops.

If you are able to start from scratch that may be the easiest solution and less time consuming for you. But assuming you have hundreds of users and lots of content you don't want to lose we can help step you through the process but in order to do so you should list your PHP version and the installed modules and their versions.

Be glad your on a xoops machine.. Unless you have something very specialized on your site the chances are you will be able to update to the latest with a bit of time spent. Which is something you are not able to do with most if any of the other major CMS's...

Re: My Xoops site ad aware

Although I am a CS major in college I am also dabbling some in security and will likely get a masters in security.

It is relatively easy for someone to take control of your computer or your router.

For your router make sure you use a secure password for your wireless and your main admin password. Change the admin username if you can. Also on your router make sure you keep it updated and do NOT allow admin access to the WAN and do NOT broadcast your IP for PING requests. Those are the biggest issues you need to watch out for.

For whatever computer OS you run you want to insure it is kept up to date and your security software is up to date. Just was at a seminar where they mentioned that VERY few viruses are caught by antivirus software these days. NEVER open email or links you do not trust because they are likely malicious links. And once they get into your system you need to do a full format and restore to insure the virus is gone. There is no real good way to remove them otherwise.

Windows is the most hit OS and you REALLY need to keep it up to date...

Mac OS USED to be reasonably safe but not any more. Most of the worst viruses are attacking MACS harder than anything else. Simply because most MAC users feel wrongly that their computers can not be infected. Hackers LOVE attacking macs because most of the users don't understand that a MAC is just as susceptible as Windows and in some cases much easier to break into.

Linux is the only reasonably secure OS but even then it is not 100%.

I have had local amateur hackers take over a wireless router before. Even when I changed the passwords and insured WAN could not do admin they still broke in. Ended up being an exploit in the OS of the router. Updated the router and the issue went away.

SO yes, you need to be dilligent in any of your machines to insure they don't get taken over. And even then you may eventually make a mistake and become infected.


Re: What is the best way to store images

As far as I know there are no current backup utilities for Xoops that will do this easily out of the box for you.

This will solely depend on your provider. They should have backup utilities that will do this for you. If you are not aware of backup strategies there are two major ones.

Incremental and full. Each has its strengths and weaknesses.

Full will be a bigger file but each time you backup you have a full backup of your system. With today's cheap storage I would suggest this for all website backups.

Incremental would entail you doing a full backup once and then every so often do another backup of JUST the changed files. This should result in a smaller file but if you lose any of the incremental backup files or they become corrupt you lose anything from that incremental backup afterwards. It is suggested that even if you do use incremental backups that you start over occasionally so you don't lose information.

If you are not aware of what a CRON file is, CRON runs every minute and will look at the cron file to see what commands need to be run. Hoping that xoops 2.6 supports a cron type file within xoops but normally the CRON system is totally dependent on your host company.

Depending on your hosting company you may set up a task in the CRON that automatically does a backup for you and either emails it to you or emails you that it is ready to be downloaded.

MOST hosting companies I have seen do not want you to store your backups online since they have their own backups of your system and it becomes redundant and wastes server space.

So it all depends on what you want to do. You CAN manually backup your stuff using an FTP program and a database dump but your hosting company SHOULD have a backup solution for you that should be much easier to deal with. If they don't you should look at another hosting company. But If it isn't obvious from their interface then contact them for a backup solution you feel comfortable with.

If you are self hosting this then there are MANY options available to you. A simple TAR command run in a cron would do wonders... (TAR after all was designed originally as a backup program to backup data to tape...)


Re: Is there an updated Xoops upgrade guide?

Check the requirements. I believe you need to have php 5.3.27 to work.

Your version may be close enough that it "almost" works but if indeed it needs 5.3.27 you will continue to have issues. Installation checks for the proper version but I wonder if update does...


Re: How is my Xoops 2.5.6 site getting spammed if the forms on register.php don't even display?

Lets start with versions...

I see you are using 2.5.6 Xoops.

What version of PHP are you using?

I believe the spam happens due to someone writing a "bot" that bypasses the software and tries to post the information directly. So the best way in those cases to prevent spammers from registering in the first place. Protector is a very important module to install on all systems.

But lets start with your versions so we know how to best help you.

If you can also list any modules you have installed with there versions that would be helpful as well.


Re: What is the best way to store images

Are you talking about format wise or what?

I would strongly suggest PNG format pictures for use on the net. This format was actually created for the internet.

Jpeg are also decent but PNG are the best format and as I understand it they can do anything a GIF or JPEG can do and should be the most compact.


Re: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2015

I am a couple days late on this but Merry Christmas to all and Happy New Year as well!

Yes 2015 looks to be a banner year...


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