My Xoops site ad aware
  • 2015/4/10 20:25

  • timgno

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I've a problem to view of subdomains sites in my server both mobile devices and desktop.

I think they are attacked by a malware or ad aware.

After a few seconds the page is redirect to advertising sites.

I formatted all my Android devices, but the problem is the same.

I wanted to know if it's just mine, or I have to worry.

I viewed the xoops codes on the server, but I have not seen any foreign code.

I contacted customer service and they tell me that everything is in place for them.

Any site xoops also xoops.org

Other sites does not happen.

This occurs with google chrome

Some might check please?

Re: My Xoops site ad aware
  • 2015/4/10 22:48

  • Mamba

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It must be you, as I don't see any problems here...
Use 2.5.10 | Docs | Modules | Bugs

Re: My Xoops site ad aware
  • 2015/4/11 0:47

  • xoobaru

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To be on the safe side, you can test your DNS servers vunlerability to DNS transfer attacks. If it tests positive, you can use it to hammer on your tech support.

You can also try flushing Google Chromes DNS cache.
Sounds like you might have a browser level DNS cache contamination.

Re: My Xoops site ad aware
  • 2015/4/12 20:36

  • timgno

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For your information, I did not understand why it happens on mobile devices, and even now on the desktop, only on sites with advertising like adsense or other.

In other sites all ok!

I had a problem in the week with the ethernet card that no longer worked.
To resolve this issue, being a cable connection, I settled with a key usb wireless and I forgot to enter a secure password or key for network access.

For this reason I could not understand why I had all infected.
Apparently if you don't use a reliable protection, anyone can sneak into the network and send commands on the browser making believe to be infected your PC.

I worked hard to remove the problem with various software, but without results.
In desperation I decided to reset the router, et oilĂ  I realized I was missing the security key.

I can write now that I have solved the problem, I had already seen this morning your messages here on this thread, but I could not even click anywhere in the site because I was redirected to other advertising sites.

The links that I saw in the bottom of the browser were very long and encoded with encrypted keys long, indecipherable.

So for information should you have the same problem, think about what I describe in this post.

Thank You!

Re: My Xoops site ad aware

Although I am a CS major in college I am also dabbling some in security and will likely get a masters in security.

It is relatively easy for someone to take control of your computer or your router.

For your router make sure you use a secure password for your wireless and your main admin password. Change the admin username if you can. Also on your router make sure you keep it updated and do NOT allow admin access to the WAN and do NOT broadcast your IP for PING requests. Those are the biggest issues you need to watch out for.

For whatever computer OS you run you want to insure it is kept up to date and your security software is up to date. Just was at a seminar where they mentioned that VERY few viruses are caught by antivirus software these days. NEVER open email or links you do not trust because they are likely malicious links. And once they get into your system you need to do a full format and restore to insure the virus is gone. There is no real good way to remove them otherwise.

Windows is the most hit OS and you REALLY need to keep it up to date...

Mac OS USED to be reasonably safe but not any more. Most of the worst viruses are attacking MACS harder than anything else. Simply because most MAC users feel wrongly that their computers can not be infected. Hackers LOVE attacking macs because most of the users don't understand that a MAC is just as susceptible as Windows and in some cases much easier to break into.

Linux is the only reasonably secure OS but even then it is not 100%.

I have had local amateur hackers take over a wireless router before. Even when I changed the passwords and insured WAN could not do admin they still broke in. Ended up being an exploit in the OS of the router. Updated the router and the issue went away.

SO yes, you need to be dilligent in any of your machines to insure they don't get taken over. And even then you may eventually make a mistake and become infected.



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