Re: Need a wrapper module

Yes, that's absolutely perfect, thank you!

Need a wrapper module

I need a module which can display a page which is located on a different site within the XOOPS framework. There seem to be a lot of "content" modules which will allow me to wrap HTML that's located on my own site, but I haven't been able to identify one that lets me put a page from another site (which is also my own, but at a different URL) within the page.

My site ishttp://www.spamblocked.com/ and I want to wraphttp://www.spamblocked.com/vhcs2/orderpanel/index.php?user_id=2 into it. As you can see, the page is outside of the normal htdocs path, so XOOPS content modules don't seem to work with it.

I need to keep that page where it is so I can manage (and edit) it with the control panel system, and so it can mail orders to me.

Any suggestions?

Re: Files only available to Webmaster: PDdownloads 1.2, XOOPS 2.0.14


krobi wrote:
hm would be great if i could see this on the server myself, is every user only in one group or and many groups?

hopefull there is possibilty to test this in your test-server. put the most popular problem is that the users are in more than a group then permissions system have its problems with it - when it is so its the best way to move the user only to one group and remove it from the others.

That was exactly the problem, krobi, vielen dank!

When I removed everyone from "registered users" and put them each into the appropriate single group (e.g., all my Engineering staff are in the Engineering group only, each of my vendors is in a group assigned to his company, and so on), the problem went away.

I first tried it on the test server and it worked, so I then reinstalled PDdownloads 1.2 on the production server and made the same changes - and all my problems (well, the problems related to this ) are gone!

Files only available to Webmaster: PDdownloads 1.2, XOOPS 2.0.14

Recently updated our production site to XOOPS 2.0.14, and PDdownloads to 1.2

Now all of the files placed for download are available to the Webmaster group only; or, if I make one available to all groups and categories, then it's available. But there's nothing in between!

I have about ten groups, with the same number of corresponding categories (e.g., the Engineering user group contains 3 users, and there is an Engineering category in PDdownloads which *should* be visible only to Engineering, according to all the settings in PDdownloads). However, unless I make the category available to all groups, only Webmasters can see that the category even exists. If I limit the category to Webmasters and Engineering, *only* Webmasters can see the category.

As a result, there are no categories visible to anyone except Webmasters (or all categories are visible to everyone, which is unacceptable).

Since this site is used to send large files ( >= 10 MB ) to our vendors for quotes, or for production if they win the bid, it is critical that Vendor A cannot see files meant for Vendor B and so forth. Ideally, we'd prefer that Vendor A not even see that there's a category for Vendor B.

So, have I done something unbelievably stupid, or is PDdownloads 1.2 buggier than I think it is? PDdownloads 1 was just fine, as far as I know.

I am going to remove PDdownloads 1.2 from our test server and re-install 1 to see if that fixes the problem. I'll check back here later to see if anyone has comments that may help.

Re: CGI-BIN and cgi scripts

cgi scripts normally go in /cgi-bin and (if security is properly set up) must be called explicitly (that is, you can't browse the directory - you should get a 403 error).

So, if you were trying to run a script called prng.pl you would enterhttp://localhost/cgi-bin/prng.pl in the brower's address bar.

Re: Debaser Question


rtdlost wrote:

When I try to upload a .jpg file while testing the possibility, it says mime image/jpg file type not allowed... I noticed you can create new mime types but I have no idea what a mime is, so there's really no hope in configuring one. ;)

I usually see that when a Windows machine has changed jpg to JPG - try renaming it so the file extension is all lower-case.

TinyContent 1.5: How to recycle frames?

I'm using TinyContent to produce a sequence of pages for the viewer to click through (page 1 links to page 2 links to page 3, etc.).

I'd like each click to reload the new "page" into the same frame, rather than popping up a new browser instance. Failing that, I want the existing broswer to close when the new one opens.

I don't mind hacking the code but I can't figure out where to do it.

Any ideas? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Re: Block controls: xoops2-mod_myalbum-p_2.84_gijoe ("Myalbum")

Well, I have a partial answer, anyhow:

1. In the module's Preferences, set both "Days between displaying icon of 'new'&'update'" and "Number of Photos as New on Top Page" to -1 (that's negative 1).

2. Edit myalbum/index.php and comment out this section by adding the double-slashes as and where shown:

// Assign Latest Photos
//$prs = $xoopsDB->query( "SELECT l.lid, l.cid, l.title, l.ext, l.res_x, l.res_y, l.status, l.date, l.hits, l.rating, l.votes, l.comments, l.submitter, t.description,c.title AS cat_title FROM $table_photos l LEFT JOIN $table_text t ON l.lid=t.lid LEFT JOIN $table_cat c ON l.cid=c.cid WHERE l.status>0 ORDER BY date DESC" , $num , $pos ) ;
//while( $fetched_result_array = $xoopsDB->fetchArray( $prs ) ) {
// $xoopsTpl->append_by_ref( 'photos' , myalbum_get_array_for_photo_assign( $fetched_result_array , true ) ) ;
// }

3. Find main.php in the appropriate language folder and change the line with "Latest Listing" so that the double-quotes are empty, thusly:


// define("_ALBM_LATESTLIST","Latest Listings");

Note that it's best to make a copy of the line and comment out the original, so you can find it again later.

I'm still getting a little extraneous text, but I'll come back and edit this when I can figure out how to remove it.

Block controls: xoops2-mod_myalbum-p_2.84_gijoe ("Myalbum")

OK, having solved the colors issue, now I find that I can't get rid of the "Latest Listings" block. It's not mentioned as a block at all in either the main XOOPS admin menus, nor within the myalbum-p blocks menu, nor is there anything about it in the Preferences.

Could someone please explain to me how to remove "Latest Listings" from this module?

page colors in xoops2-mod_myalbum-p_2.84_gijoe ("Myalbum")

Not sure if this is right forum, but I don't see where else the question fits, so...

I have installed GI Joe's Myalbum-p on a site that has a black background (a modified 1000ac black theme). The module, however, uses a white or cream background. I don't know enough about the structure of either PHP pages nore XOOPS to find where this value is set (nor even if I should be looking in the theme's style.css instead).

Can someone please advise me where to look? I'm sure it will be an easy fix once I can locate the right spot.


[Corrected the module version number here]
[And a DOH! moment here...]

Well, I figured it out, more or less. All of the colors are set in the theme's style.css (although it's not immediately obvious which variable sets which color; but background-color for my needs is always #00000 so that's fairly painless).

I think this ought to be moved over to the Themes forums, but obviously I don't have the necessary permissions.

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