Re: To Admin - Spammer Targeting Xoops sites


An attempt is also being made to do this after registering ..


GET /modules/profile/register.php

which results in a 404. Is there a 'profile' module ??


Well, I created a "profiles" folder and put two files in it whic hhave identical conent; they are named "index.php" and "register.php"

The content is (with pointy brackets replaced by curly braces to prevent activation):

{meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;url=http://www.fbi.gov"}

Perhaps our spammer will enjoy loading the FBI's Web site repeatedly every time he spams. I wonder though.

Re: x_movie module installation help

optikool, thanks for what you have so far completed. It works great for FLV files located on my own server. So far, no luck with SWF, and MOV files apparently don't stream, they transfer totally before playing. If you're aware of the "8-second rule," you know why this is not a good thing. I am uploading an AVI and an MPEG right now to see how those go.

The site ishttp://castle-anthrax.us/ and no registration is required at the moment. I'm running LAMP.

Re: debaser

Frank, my sincerest condolences on the loss of your father (and your PC, which certainly is very minor compared to the loss of a loved one, but still doesn't make you feel better). I lost both parents quite some time ago (about 40 years for Dad, about 17 years for Mom), but I still miss them.

I do have a suggestion for debaser (or any other streamer module) however: Add an option for using VLC to stream media files. The command line for streaming an MPEG on port 8080, with Ogg audio compression, for example:

vlc -vvv %path%/%filename% --sout '#transcode{vcodec=mp4v,acodec=mpga,vb=800,ab=128}:standard{access=http,mux=ogg,dst=%servername%:8080}'

This should work for any file for which the server has a codec; I've tested it with a 600MB DivX5 file as the input. I use VideoLAN client to play it remotely (I'm about 19 or 20 km from the server as I write this).

For a Debian-Linux-based server, I would recommend the following command to install the most-needed codes and VLC:

sudo apt-get install ffmpeg vlc-nox

Not sure what the equivalent would be for Dead Rat, Gentoo, and the like, but I'm sure they will be quite similar.

I will say that debaser does *almost* everything I want in a media module.

New xstreamer module support?

Has anyone taken over development of the xstreamer module? I managed to download it only yesterday, and now it's no longer available from the original developer.

I have found a couple of quirks in it but nothing I can't live with. So far, I don't know enough to fix them myself, else I would do so (with 2 full-time jobs, I find myself hard-pressed to concentrate when studying code developed elsewhere, as you can imagine...).

Re: Upgraded my site and now I cant get into admin area


Dave_L wrote:
If you can't use phpmyadmin, do you know how to use MySQL from the command line?

Check that there's a row in the groups_users_link table with groupid = 1 (XOOPS_GROUP_ADMIN) and uid = (your user ID). If not, try inserting that row.

Does this look right to you? IT seems to me to be showing UID as an INT, not a string:

mysql> describe dmembr_groups_users_link;
| Field | Type | Null | Key | Default | Extra |
| linkid | mediumint(8) unsigned | | PRI | NULL | auto_increment |
| groupid | smallint(5) unsigned | | MUL | 0 | |
| uid | mediumint(8) unsigned | | | 0 | |
3 rows in set (0.00 sec)

mysql> select groupid, uid from dmembr_groups_users_link;
| groupid | uid |
| 1 | 1 |
| 2 | 1 |
2 rows in set (0.01 sec)

Re: Upgraded my site and now I cant get into admin area

I posted a response to this on Friday but it doesn't appear here. Weird.


Bender wrote:
You upgraded from which version? How?

From 2.0.15 by following the directions in the upgrade readme.


What exactly happens when you login? Cant login at all or only admin is refused? (any error message?)

I get logged in as a normal user, but I am denied access to the admin.php which of course makes the site a bit too static.


Tried cleaning out templates_c folder?

Tried that. No change.

Upgraded my site and now I can't get into admin area

Recently upgraded one of my sites to 2.0.16 and now I can't get into the administrative module. I'm also having (unrelated) issues getting into phpmyadmin so I can't use that to fix the problem.

What's the quickest way to take care of this from the linux command prompt?

VideoLAN interface/control modules

I'm looking for a module that would interface with and control the VideoLAN multimedia server software running on a Linux server. A search of the XOOPS site didn't turn up anything.

Re: Multi-Site Registration


nekro wrote:
MultiX works!

I believe you. Now where can I get MultiX? It's not in the Modules library here as far as I can tell.

Re: Multi Sites Challenge

This is still a legitimate topic for discussion: I need the same solution, but for sixteen separate sites sharing the same user authentication database. I see no reason the cookie can't be hacked to contain just the "mother" site's URL (e.g., pc-gamereview.com rather than wii.pc-gamereview.com) and that should solve the multiple login requirements.

However, judging from what I see so far, this still isn't functioning.

Is anyone actually working on this hack? Or must I seek another solution? I've grown to love Xoops, and I really don't want to give it up.

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