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Niels  05-Jun-2002 10:08 4595 Reads  0
Now RC3 of XOOPS is released we are prout to tell you that we have some new and updated modules for XOOPS.

DynaMenu (update)
This is a second release of my menu replacemed.
Now you have also the posibilty to go directly to the admin tools.
(please when you have translated this tool for your own language please send me a copy (zipped) to mee)

DynaBackup (new)
Simple backup tool in a block to make a backup of your xoops mySQL database.
It works for xoops version RC2 and RC3.

Handy when you begin to upgrade to RC3.
You can create a zip or plain SQL files and this files can you download (not working yet) or email or save only on your website.

DynaContent(Not jet ready)
This tool is like freecontent only the content is writen in the database and has some more posiblity's like hiden content for some users or give the show order.
It has also a second block where you can show the content in.

DynaForm(in the make)
With this tool it must by posible to make a dynamic form and save the data to the database.
It works like the module that is profide by MSN community's.

DynaUser(in the make)
This is a totall replecement of the Xoops user registration files.
With it you can manupulate how people must be registring to your site.
And combinates the DynaForm and DynaContent for a flexible solution.
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