You want to integrate your old html-pages, your latest script, or simply an disclaimer into your Xoops powered site?
Now there is an solution! FreeContent.

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FreeContent wraps your pages into the xoops design including the left sideblocks.

Beware FreeContent v.060b ist still BETA. There might be bugs and security leaks!!!
(Module is for Xoops RC1 only!)
But you can start to build your content with FreeContent right now, because the next versions will be downwards compatible :)

- Install FC by simply copying the freecontent folder into your xoops modules folder and activate FC in your Xoops Moduleadministration.
(dont forget to give the module-rights to your admin-group)
- Put your content (html or anything) somewhere into the xoops-folder.
- Create an ContentConnection with the FC admin menu, and set the path to your content file.
- Now you can make the FreeContent-Block visible (in systemadminmenu->blocks ) and there will be a block with links to your content.
(you can even put these links somewhere into your content to crosslink the pages. Check the 'hide?' box to hide the link in the sideblock.)

New Features:
- Admin menu
- Sideblocks
- Database driven ContentConnection management
- FC can be used as startpage with left and right sideblocks
- Languagefiles can be changed
- Hitcounter included
- Comment fields to keep track of changes and content
- For php content: xoops system variables can be accessed from the content files

ToDo (in development right now):
- Enhance admin menu (enable options editing)
- Integrate images as links
- Automatic indexpage generation
- Selectable design for every single ContentConnection
- Allow to store content-data in files AND databases
- Allow multiple boxes for the content (let the content take care of OpenTable() and CloseTable() )

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