Security Sentry: Xortify Client 5.00

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Security Sentry: PHP Security Sentry that uses multiple honeypots to defend your website in a cloud!
Xortify Client 5.00

xortify (verb)

BrE Pronounced As: ˈfɔːtɪfaɪ
NaME Pronounced As: ˈfɔːrtɪfaɪ
Definable language scopes: xortifies, xortifying, xortified, xortifious, xorticity

Is it Ready?

Yes; the Xortify client for XOOPS 2.5 and XOOPS 2.6 is ready for download and installation, remember to put all the files across including the patches for erroneous code in protector; otherwise you will get a WSOD; also don't forget once you have installed to fill out the signup form; you can re-use the username between sites or have one individually for each it is up to you!

Contribute Plugins and Code Samples

Please keep adding to our archives here at chronolabs co-op if you have a file or link you would like to add to CMS Supporting API Plugins or Modules then contact us through the main contact for a quote or question form on www.labs.coop.


2.6.x - xoops2.6_xortify_4.16.zip - 4.3Mb
2.5.x - xoops2.5_xortify_5.00.zip
= (- 7z -) (- tar.gz -) (- rar -) (- iso -) =

A bit about Xortify!

Xortify was developed in response to attacks on websites from rouge malicious bots, spam and captcha sweatshop, spam slavery as well as other forms of abuse of our clients systems. We have been able to stop close to 99% of spam and captcha attacks with the Xortify client. Believe it or not Xoritfy is also in response to human rights abuse on the web, such as captcha and spam sweat shops where individuals are paid less than 1 USD a day to set up accounts for bots to spam website by typing past captcha puzzles as well as sometimes they are even slaves.

Originally Xortify started out as a demo of the API X-JSON, X-CURL and X-SOAP for XOOPS 2 series and became a revolution in security for the XOOPS Platform. XOOPS comes with an application called Protector which prevents hacks and attacks to users of XOOPS and maintains a local ban list. This ban list is known as a bad IP that is an IP Address which has attacked by trying to cause for example a DOS (Denial of Service/F5 Attack), ingested unions and other forms of attack which protector by GIJOE from PEAK XOOPS - Support&Experiment in japan works on to prevent mal-users and would be hackers from exploiting the people that love xoops and other platforms. Xortify will syndicate your BadIP list with other peoples using Xortify so this cloud of protection forms in your system.

Xortify is an application or process which first started as a practial application to cloud computing for the XOOPS Community which shares protectors bad IPs with a contingent of end users of the Xortify application and one you have signed up ensures that members share their bad ips in IPv4 or IPv6 for the host or proxy with each other so that we are protected from each others website forensically with protector. Here athttp://xortify.com the main Node in the Xortify Cloud we host the current Bad IP List for the community so your website with the Xortify client running is pre-aware of a bad user and announces to them on all pages that they are banned unless the ban is cleared with one of our forms.

Previous Sponsors:[/size]

Special thanks goes to our previous sponsors for helping the world of spam - remember the code is stamped open source, so once you have a xortify.com site hosted with you; for you your xortify.xxx.xx is up to you... All you need to do is takeover account user one, and then goto the xortify server module and sign-up to the peering system for multinoded. We would like to start up some form of peers.labs.coop that is use to dial you to your closest peer in the IP Geographics to the services.
  • Arck Interactive – Cloud Hosting on Arck Cloud.
  • TPP Wholesale - Sounds like another TCP/IP.

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