Digitally Signed for XOOPS 2.5

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Resized ImageDigitally Signed for XOOPS 2.5
A Legal Solution by Chronolabs Cooperative - http://labs.coop

Module: Self Signed
Version 1.12
Bug Tracking: https://sourceforge.net/p/chronolabs/tickets/?source=navbar
Discussion: https://sourceforge.net/p/chronolabs/discussion/?source=navbar


Time and time again I come by these websites that require an online authentication like identification of you as an individual or business this is also true of SSL Signing. The only thing is they only seem to verify email addresses, never ask you for any identification and rarely have any versification system. Self Signed is based on the protomodel - http://signed.labs.coop but for XOOPS 2.5. This comes with an API that allows for a class one only or class one and class two self identification on the API then provides to them in the format they require (JSON, Serialisation or XML) your full signature. This could be from your 3x3 code with an email address or a date it contains, it also comes with a root certificate much like an SSL certificate.

The receptacle of the Signature data, has method and a call back to be notified when the signature if it does expire or someone else has checked the attached identification that the signee has scanned in and loaded into your environment and flag it for renew or incorrectly uploaded which temporarily if not on a time delay ends the ability for that signature to be valid.

I see this as a clear path too something like httpx:// a self signed with peer-reviewing communication method that is completely open and true law based pseudo-sciences no like the like current SSL which only seems to check and email address and has a master key as well, self signing is the way of the future and explicative to the environment of open renderment of open source and the communities with software and network layer dependencies in our object orientated world and people.


Due to the nature of this utility I will be opening it to demostration in a couple of days with the username provided but you will be able to see it at http://xoops.signed.code.labs.coop as well as seeming the api at http://xoops.signed.code.labs.coop/modules/signed/api/

Username: letmein
Password: roundhouse
URL: http://xoops.signed.code.labs.coop


It has been committed to the XOOPS SVN as 1.12 Final Major the downloads are the following URLS:--

*.7z :: http://sourceforge.net/projects/chronolabs/files/Encryption/Digital%20Signatures/xoops2.5-signed-1.12.7z/download -- 571.2 kB
*.zip : http://sourceforge.net/projects/chronolabs/files/Encryption/Digital%20Signatures/xoops2.5-signed-1.12.zip/download -- 1.0 MB
*.tar :: http://sourceforge.net/projects/chronolabs/files/Encryption/Digital%20Signatures/xoops2.5-signed-1.12.tar.gz/download -- 849.1 kB

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