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We have a lot processes in X3 development since Alpha 2 release.

I would suggest following schedule for the coming month:

* Xoops Engine Alpha 3 release: on August 13th
* github repo structure change, github usage guide: D.J., julionc, by July 24th
* ZF upgrade to 1.11.9, change naming conventions to respect ZF strictly: D.J., by July 24th
* Backend product and UE design: ezsky, by July 31st
* Backend design implementation: D.J., by August 7th
* Debug and complete “user” module and ACL: D.J., dongbeta, by July 31st
* Content management app: dongbeta, by August 7th
* Theme and HTML5: voltan, kris_fr, mariane, by August 7th
* Documentation: julionc, dongbeta, by August 13th
* Test: marco, by August 13th

Yes, as you see, we have some people back onboard, like marco!
Anyone else have time on this Alpha 3 release loop?
We need more people on documentation, apps, themes and test.

BTW: PHP 5.4 is on its way with some very promising features and improvements. Benchmarks were done by PHP internal team with some applications, including XOOPS. I will write an article to introduce later on.

Follow X3 development on twitter @XoopsProject and Xoops Engine dev blog.
Check Xoops Engine code at github repo.

[Updated on Aug. 4th]
Due to recent arguments, Xoops Engine development has been paused temporarily and the release schedule will postponed accordingly. We hope the issues can be solved as soon as possible.

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