Neard and XOOPS tutorial

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is a WAMP, ie a tool allowing to run an Apache Web server on a Microsoft Windows machine.
WAMP for Windows Apache MySQL PHP.

The team has worked hard to offer you a very complete and useful tutorial for all webmasters who want to perform all types of XOOPS tests (installation, use, migration) from an Apache web server under Microsoft Windows, before switch their favorite CMS to an Apache server solution under Linux.

This tutorial has been produced as a practical exercise, you can easily follow it step by step, and carry out actions in parallel with the progress of your reading of the tutorial.

In this tutorial in 10 simple and clear steps you will find the following elements:

- What is WAMP?
- Why choose Neard?

- Neard
-- Download and install,
-- Launch, configure and configure,
-- Install and activate a version of MariaDB,
-- Install and activate versions of PHP,
-- Create a virtual host.

-- Create a clean and structuring tree structure to accommodate our CMS,
-- Copy the files into the created tree,
-- Launching the installer.

Go to the tutorial "Using the WAMP Neard associated with XOOPS"

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 Re: Neard and XOOPS tutorial

Thank you for tutorial, even if it is not in english ;) (j'aurai peut-ĂȘtre le temps de le traduire) I tested neard also, and I like it very much. It has much more modules/plugins and it is very easy to add new ones. btw: is xmtutorial a new module?


 Re: Neard and XOOPS tutorial

Thank you ! If you translate in english, (just the text), we can add the english version on our site monxoops. We are yet ready for some part of our site in multilangue (french/english) but not for the full contents. xmtutorial is a confident module for our needs on, developped by gmage. I dont know if gmage wants share or not. He is the owner of the module. In 2 months, we made yet 8 tutorials !


 Re: Neard and XOOPS tutorial

Thanks for sharing. This training module for would be nice.


 Re: Neard and XOOPS tutorial


There are already tutorials for XOOPS:

XOOPS Installation Guide

XOOPS 2.5.9 Install & Upgrade Guide

XOOPS Operations Guide

There are tons of tutorials on GitHub:, which are published on GitBook

Are you looking for something specific?


 Re: Neard and XOOPS tutorial

Yes, Tutorials on are specific tutorials.
There are different from the classical but usefull module tutorials.


 Re: Neard and XOOPS tutorial

Now, you can read on :

The english news "Neard and XOOPS Tutorial"

The english tutorial "Using WAMP Neard with XOOPS"



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