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TdmDownloads 2.01 Alpha 1 released for testing!

Big Thank You to Heyula, Goffy, Geekwright for their  contributions! 




  • added hits and ratings and for output of download in index.php (goffy)
  • added number of subcategories for output of category in index.php (goffy)
  • added new lang vars (goffy)
  • Undefined variable $select_sup (geekwright)
  • Class 'XoopsPageNav' not found error (geekwright)
  • Add some category detail for theme use (geekwright)
  • Turn off logger (geekwright)
  • Fix xml (geekwright)
  • add extra fields visibility (heyula)
  • refactor Utility (mamba)
  • PHP 7.1 (mamba)

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