Publisher 1.08 Alpha 1 Released for Testing

Mamba  19-May-2020 00:50 549 Reads  0
Publisher 1.08

XOOPS Publisher 1.08 Alpha 1 released for testing!

Big Thank You to LioMJ and Zyspec for their contributions! 




  • added Option to display default image if no article image selected in article page (liomj)
  • separate Latest Published Article in Index/Category and Article Page (liomj)
  • changed Preferences order and add new option for better readibility (liomj)
    --Latest Published Articles in Index and Category Page
    --Article page
    --All Latest Published Articles in Article Page
    --Archive Page
    --Item by The Same Author Page
  • added new options to enabled/disable item in article page (liomj)
  • added new options to enabled/disable item in item by the same author page (liomj)
  • added new options to enabled/disable item in blocks (liomj)
    -- Random Block
    -- Latest News Block
    -- Spotlight Block
    -- Recent Block
    -- Column Block
    -- New Block
  • restructured blocks and article templates (liomj)
  • restructured Latest Published Article templates (liomj)
  • added new options in preferences to enable/disable item in archive page (liomj)
  • restructured Archive page templates (liomj)
  • restructured Item by the same Author page templates (liomj)
  • separate Poster and Date in index,article page & blocks (liomj)
  • separate PDF and Print Button from AdminLinks (liomj)
  • removed unused tellafriend module support from AdminLinks (liomj)
  • removed unused Poster avatar from article page (liomj)
  • changed date format to 12 Hour format as default (liomj)
  • change XOOPS logo.gif to logo.png as default (liomj)
  • changed file.gif to transparent file.png in article page (liomj)
  • fixed Extended Column Block (liomj)
  • removed unused Topic Link (News Module) from Latest News Block (liomj)
  • added Default Article Image in PDF (liomj)
  • change TCPDF Logo to Blank.png in PDF Page (liomj)
  • change Text Header color from Blue to Black in PDF Page (liomj)
  • added PDF Protection in PDF Page (liomj)
  • added site name and slogan in Print Page (liomj)
  • fixed Default Template Breadcrumb (liomj)
  • fixed Category Image in Spotlight block (liomj)
  • fixed Footer that will be displayed at the index page of the module (liomj)
  • added check uid (goffy)
    -- new item get current uid as default
    -- if access user is not granted then current uid will be used as default
  • added option to display number of reads in block spotlight (goffy)
  • Notification Title tag inadvertently overloaded (zyspec)
  • config updates, moved to /config (mamba)
  • use NAMESPACE in Helper (mamba)
  • code cosmetics, PSR12 (mamba)
  • fixed return-by-ref error in CategoryHandler::getCategories() method (zyspec)
  • fixed mimetypes not loaded into dB on initial install (zyspec)
  • minor update to help text for XOOPS version (zyspec)
  • move test data to ./testdata/english folder and rename it so import routine can find it (zyspec)
  • change from using $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] to $_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME'] for improved security (zyspec)
  • PHP 7.1 (mamba)

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