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Any self-respecting website provides visitors with a contact form. Here is a module, xmcontact that will meet your expectations.

We are pleased to announce its availability in its stable version 1.0. This version can be used on a production website.
With this module, you can create multiple different "Contact" forms and manage them, manage their respective recipients and the status of requests (answered or not).
In order to limit spam, it obviously authorizes the use of Captcha.
From the administration of the module, you are able to directly process requests from the forms and to respond to them without other additional tools. The clear and intuitive interface allows you to quickly see what has been processed or what not.
The package also provides templates for an overload with a responsive design (Bootstrap 4).


Download and more info: please visit the xmcontact info page    



You can read the original news on (French language)    


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 Re: Module xmContact 1.0 Final Released

Now, xmcontact v1.1 is available !