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Xmcontent is a simple content module for XOOPS. This module allows create content pages. This is the indispensable module for a website.

Creating content on XOOPS has never been easier .

The main point on the module:
• Individual permissions for all contents.
• Keywords (SEO) per content editable.
• Description (SEO) per content editable.
• Header and footer Customizable on the module home page.
• Selection xoops editor.

What's new in version 0.50:

Bug fixes:
- Display problem after the action logos in the admin.
- Trolley return problem after cloning content.
- Fix: Warning count() with php 7.2.
- The contents appear in the history of each member.
- The information on xmdoc did not work (index admin).
- Translation error (_AM_XMCONTENT_CONTENT_TEMPLATE) language/english/admin.php
- Change the name of the module (Xmcontent).
- Table optimization (perf.) Warning, only for a new installation.
- Addition of the French translation

The modules are optimized to run on the 2.5.10 version of XOOPS.

DOWNLOAD: xmcontent

BUGS: Report Issues

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  • Moderator

 Re: Xmcontent 0.50

Thank you for the new release and for sharing

  • Quite a regular

 Re: Xmcontent 0.50

Very simple and usefull module ! Thank you !