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Publisher 1.07 FINAL is released

This module has been updated for XOOPS 2.5.10 and PHP 5.6 - 7.3.6

Several bugs have been fixed - our thanks go to Liomj, Cesagonchu, Aerograf, and Myblackrx for testing and reporting bugs to us!

Special thanks go to Goffy , Alfred and SMEDrieben for providing fixes and new features!!

Some of the new features:
- added Resizer class for image upload (goffy)
- added check for cloned repository existence on GitHub (goffy/mamba)
- added language folder for test data (mamba)
- added expiration date (goffy)
- added option to select sort/order in block spotlight (goffy)
- detect whether article was truncated or not (goffy)
- implemented possibility to preselect image categories (goffy)
- added 'show more articles' to item_spot (goffy)
- added feedback tab (mamba)
- added migration tab for developers (mamba)



TUTORIAL: ... /en/book/2administration/

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