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There is new responsive theme for our lovely XOOPS

This one is looks like others, my first - xsimplegrid, but its really quite different

- there is smart fast menu with almost automated links to our installed modules, user login or not, new messages, admin menu link
- there is simple top sliders for home and content pages
- parallax image between top and bottom blocks
- as usual background sliders for system and contents
- little breadcrumb over contents
- automated custom banner if system banner is off
- as usual fine social and search fields at the bottom
- OK and most important - mani, mani different blocks configuration:

The is 25 possible, different top (bottom) block configuration on the template, 12 bottom (top) and 5 for footer blocks
(see usage.txt and screenshots in docs folder, also you can view now in the demo - gallery)

The theme is clean for w3 validation, simple to use for own projects and as I believe looks modern and 100% responsive for mobile and tablets.

Just use it! :)


Temporary download:

Please contribute to it in GitHub

10x and viva XOOPS

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 New responsive theme - xSimpleblocks

Thanks brutalicuss! ;-)

  • Not too shy to talk

 Re: New responsive theme - xSimpleBlocks

Theme updated to ver.1.1.5 - xoops 2.5.9 In action: 10x :)