Amazon EC2 and Elastic Load Balancing with XOOPS (whitepaper)

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Amazon EC2 and Elastic Load Balancing with XOOPS
Whitepaper by Simon Roberts (of Sydney) - wishcraft

Download Whitepaper: [url=http://code.google.com/p/chronolabs/downloads/detail?name=XOOPS%20and%20Amazon%20EC2%20with%20ELB%20Services.pdf]XOOPS and Amazon EC2 with ELB Services.pdf[url] - 100Kb

Contribution Notices
I would like to thank the following people and organisations for their assistance with the Amazon ec2 and subset of systems, without their institutive understanding and association with Amazon this technical whitepaper would not exist.

ICE Systems:
I would like to thank for the establishment of the EC2 cloud in this instance, Peter Barganski from ICE System for his ability to navigate and configure the Amazon cloud. ICE System's is a reseller and Amazon Partner and have provided me with quick and fast responsive and adaptive environment needed for the Lunchalot.com system we are designing.

Secondly I would like to thank my employer, lunchalot.com (contact@lunchalot.com) for so quickly choosing XOOPS as the framework to move their existing web infrastructure over to and in particular Richard the CEO enthusiasm for moving the Proof-of-concept web infrastructure into XOOPS and the team for all their hours testing.

This whitepaper is to describe the process involved in defining Amazon's EC2 with Elastic Load Balancing with the XOOPS Portal System. It is designed to be used with XOOPS 2.5 or later, and the associate files are provided as per GNU licensing of the source. ELB or Elastic Load Balancing within Amazon's EC2 cloud, is the process, where an ELB service will start up as per requirement instances of a website image supporting your website.

When ELB is in place, the Amazon cloud will start up and direct traffic to multiple instances of your website as per the traffic requirement of the site. This all depends on what sort of instances you are using and its capabilities. All the files provided have been tested and are designed to be used with Amazons Ubuntu services.

This sort of service will be required with a site that has a heavy traffic requirement that a single VPS or Private server cannot cope with and when you need multiple services. Why would you use Amazon to do this, well I will quote Peter from ICE Systems on this that ELB services until Amazon made them available where finitely unaffordable and out of reach of even the most durable business intake. As the costs of installing and hosting the services manually where just unjustifiable for most businesses.

This white paper will concentrate on the XOOPS system itself and preparing the CMS/Portal system for the Amazon EC2 environment with ELB in place, some of the systems it describe you will either have to research or employ someone like ICE systems to deploy for you as they contain information which may vary between installations and environment as well as being outside the scope of the documents description.

Anything which is unique to the system this was designed on due to intellectual property rights have been omitted there will be notation in the document as designed or put in generalised terms of reference for use in your own systems.

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