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We all know the benefits of using friendly url on our websites. This increases the number of visits to our website being better indexed by search engines.


The user ElSanto webmaster of GuiaSexo offers the community the improvements made in two modules: News 1.63 and lastestnews 1.72.

The modules were tested on versions and 2.3.2 of XOOPS, without any problem, offering friendly url for the news category, the printable version and create PDF files.

Url examples

The instructions for the upgrade/installation, are in the folder SEO/seo.rtf

These are sites that are already operating on the hack: (also include xoModuleRewrite of DuGris)
EDIT: link removed because of content: http://removed

The hack requires that the server has enabled rewriting.

In local monde, uncomment httpd.conf file in the Apache server (#LoadModule rewrite_module modules / Finally, restart the server for the changes to take effect


News 1.63 SEO + Lastestnews 1.72 SEO

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