Xoops for Dummies e-book documentation

JackJ  31-May-2004 22:54 9464 Reads  14
I have published Xoops documentation in the form of an e-book called XoopsForDummies. This e-book is in exe format and compatible with Windows. I am working on a pdf format version.

I also have a version online at

The aim is to give Xoops beginners a good all round understanding of Xoops. I have a lot more I wish to add, but one can go on and on editing and never publish anything.. So I thought I would release this at the stage it is.

The next version should hopefully have more in depth info and tutorials on specific modules etc.

Windows Exe e-book format Here

I realize the Xoops team are working on their own official version, but this will perhaps be useful until then, I hope so anyway.

Edit: HTML version available at my site



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