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Chronolabs Press Release June 2012

wishcraft  27-May-2012 16:59 1017 Reads   No comments 
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Press Release June 2012

Chronolabs Co-op is winding up, but this is not the end, better still a new beginning. As a co-op we were responsible for some of the Advanced XOOPS Applications you have seen released over the last 6 years. We are moving to a privately listed company but will be still the wholesome Chronolabs you know and have grown to love.

That means at the end of June, the domain will be allowed to expire. We have moved to which means email addresses etc. have changed; we will still be keeping the current board of directors that the co-op has as the privately listed company will hold a meeting once a quarter unless needed more often as a quorum we will be decided on what titles to concentrate on in the next 4 months.

On the board of directors we have the following people:

• Simon Roberts (wishcraft) - CEO & Founder - 50 Shares [Australian]
• Elpiniki Iosif - Secretary - 30 Shares [Cypriote/Australian]
• Max Wollrab - Executive Director - 10 Shares [Swedish]
• Christos Panoudis - Executive Director - 10 Shares [Greek]

We will be finished migrating to the new business, sometime early in the new financial year july/august 2012 with everything playing in correspondence to the scheduled timeline. Some of the changes include the listing of our open source on Google Code as well as Sourceforge. The following URLS should be used to download our titles. Eventually it will all be listed on Google code for the lifetime and beyond of Chronolabs.

Open Source Titles:

We have a new general enquiries email address which is which will reach the board, of course works still with any of the board. PGP Keys will be depreciated in this term of the business as our services don't support them.

We are having a new constitution drafted by the Communication Research Institute this is going to include the business rules and solidify the business as a contract between the board for a quality of service and excellence that is deserving of the wide Open Source community.

As Simon is a contributor to IPv6 design from comp.protocol in mid 2000's, he brings to the company the intrinsic value of installation and sale of IP Addresses which is in many undecillions of dollars. As one of the founders of the modern internet, simon encourages with the business as part of it rules philanthropy with ex-servicemen of the board countries armies.

Max and Chris are looking at expanding the company software/hardware & chronographical laboratory into Europe as we will all be European citizens as soon as Elpiniki (Simon's wife) takes simon to Cyprus to solidify his dual citizenship. We don't just do software at Chronolabs we have a futuristic perspective on technology and want to expand into other form of science apart from software but for the moment this is our front for the community.

If you believe you can contribute at Chronolabs and have an Australian Tax-file number you can join the board of directors if you want in an official capacity, we are a community to itself. The increasing amount of traffic from the Government sector has also left us linking to some interesting legal documents like the secrecy act. as well as the corporations act through; this is to ensure limited liability by the board.

We would also like to thank Bleekk for his assistance with the theme for the new his design and skill has left a worthy praise for his community and continuing support leaves me in hope of permanently finding my graphic designer to use.

We have also changed our logo which you can see at the top of the document here. This is to reflect the company basis better and has been taken from a royalty free archive. If you would like to contact us our details are below of course if it is XOOPS then contact Simon Roberts directly with the details on his profile.

Contact Details for Chronolabs Pty Ltd:

Phone: +61-2-80604512

Many thanks,

Chronolabs Board of Directors

Download: [url]]Chronolabs Pty Ltd - June Press Release 2012.pdf[/url] - 114kb.

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