Announcement of the Project Team : Core Developement

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The XOOPS Project Council is pleased to announced the establishment of Core Development Team.
Core Development as a most important team is already created and continue working in sf.net

for more informations please read the team report below.

Team Report Core Developement

Team Mission and Tasks

Maintenance and continued development of the XOOPS core.


When making decisions on issues like adding new core members or bug fixes and code additions, and there is a disagreement, there will be a vote to decide the outcome. For a proposition to be accepted, we will need at a majority of 2/3. Moreover, at least 50% of the last month active core members to have voted, otherwise the vote will not be official. If a tie happens, the Core Team Leader will have the opportunity to make the decision. All bug fixes/new features should be inserted and documented as a SourceForge bug tracker/Features request. Everything needs to be documented in the tracker (bugs and features) except what developers judge to be "minor" changes.

SVN structure:

The Trunk will be managed by lead developers or developers authorized by leader developer; Releases will be managed by release packers, usually lead developers; Public Branches will be managed by branch leaders, with a review group; Task branches will be managed by each developer himself. A brief SVN guide will be available for XOOPS core developers.

The rules are detailed on XOOPS Core Development Team Rules page: http://xoops.wiki.sourceforge.net/CoreTeamRules

Member List: SourceForge ID (xoops.org ID)

  1. phppp (phppp)
  2. pemen (pemen)
  3. mboyden (mboyden)
  4. dave_l (Dave_L)
  5. malanciault (marcan)
  6. dhcst (dhsoft)
  7. young-pee (nekro)
  8. dugris (DuGris)
  9. real_therplima (TheRplima)
  10. ppcm (piclauma)

Team Leader and Coordinator

phppp (leader), dave_l (coordinator)


Team Roadmap

To be published separately

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