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RFI - XOOPS 2 Functions for Mod Devs

Boobtoob  14-Mar-2003 16:37 5462 Reads   No comments 
Ok devs, here's your chance to help with some ideas for XOOPS 2. I've been speaking with the other devs and we're all in agreement that it might be very helpful to create an abstraction (call-abe functions) layer that utilizes XOOPS classes to provide data, functionality and info for module devs.

A good example of this is the comments and notifications functions we've implemented that only takes a few lines of code to use.

This will also simplify dev docs TREMENDOUSLY since we won't have to try and keep up with every class change. If we do this right, we can probably keep this to 10-20 functions (or less) depending on what's needed.

Please keep this thread on track with your ideas and a good explanation as to the type of function(s) you would like to see. We don't want to turn this into a free-for-all.

Some of the things we're floating around are functions for:
1. Simplifying forms creation (i.e. a function that makes it easy create forms with radio boxes, check boxes, text areas, etc) for embedding in templates. The current forms classes can take 3 or more lines to create on item)

2. Return group permissions for a user (good for adding workflow to modules)

3. Image manager functions so that you can add gallery like functions to a module (you can roll up a gallery module and more with something like this. We still need to be able to add sub-cats to image manager)

4. Logging functions (this way you can track changes and maybe create roll-back ability for modules or just to track data changes for reporting)

5. Your input here!

Please take a minute to look over the list and tell us what you think....

P.S. Use the forum link above to add your comments. Please DON'T add a comment to this news post!
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