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ELF  29-May-2002 23:03 3526 Reads   No comments 
I created the setup program of xoops.
A setup program is as near as install.php.
There is the following feature compared with install.php.

- Internationalization correspondence. If a message catalog file is created, I will think that it can use by many languages. The change of language looks at an Accept-Language header.
- Investigate a setup of PHP. MySQL can be used, GD can be used or register_globals investigates whether it is On.
- There is a copy function of a system file. For example, tarbal is put on /usr/lib/xoops. A setup program copies a file from there and builds a system. This advantage is that the owner of a file becomes a Web server.
- It can start in the state other than English suddenly. Since a system setup is processed more, first starting can be performed in Japanese, for example.
- There is a point which is not good.For example, it may still be a buggy. The check of a value is inadequate.
- Others.

Linux World is held with the book today.
xoops Boole has also displayed and this setup program is popular.
Please try by all means.

It is Here.
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