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Resized ImageBefore to present in detail my new theme, (i would say my first experience in full CSS/XHTML and without table, let me tell you how was the steps to arrive in this final result ans before that, a quickly recall on my sites.

The original news is in french langage here

0) Introduction
1) Starting theme - Idea
2) False columns
3) Mainly "div"
4) Mitres, part 1: Rounded without image
5) Mitres, part 2: How to color the active mitre
6) W3C validation
7) Downloading the theme

0) Introduction

After my first web site, (intranet), my first project with XOOPS (not visible), (2003, June, I think), i used to enjoy to work on projects via this fantastic CMS et this fantatic communauty ("inégalable et inégalée").


Resized Image Resized ImageResized Image
My first public site was
theLigue Rhône-Alpes de volleyball, and i worked on the theme (Read french news).

This theme is avalaible in download section here.

I continude 2 sites "vitrine" in multilangage french / english. Theses sites don"t appear as XOOPS sites but..., click on bottom "login", you will find lements that you know!

These sites are Laboratoire de Dynamique des Machines et des Structures (Read french news) and a specific software namedROTORINSA.

Resized ImageThen, i realized the whole updating of (core, modules and theme) the nice site of the asocation's conservation of the Asian elephant, Elefantasia, managed by Gilles.

For my new last site, after reading the Christian's News Xoopsing a xhtml/css template in 10mn, i'm said myself : Why not me ?
So, I have try it, just a challenge, not really need for my new site, just a challenge!
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