Publisher 1.02 Final Released

Mamba  05-Jan-2016 09:50 4508 Reads  39
Resized Image We are pleased to announce the release of Publisher 1.02 Final module Publisher module is a Publishing Solution for your XOOPS Website. With it you can publish News, Blogs, Documentation, etc. The key features:
  • Categories and Subcategories
  • Pages
  • custom templates
  • File Wrapping
  • Page/Category images
  • File attachments
  • Scheduled publishing and expiration
  • Order by date, ratings, sort order
  • Ratings
  • Comments
  • SEO
  • RSS feed
  • Permissions: Submissions, Submit/Edit fields, Categories, Pages, Moderation (global)
  • different XOOPSeditors
  • Import from SmartSection and News modules
  • Easy cloning (change the directory name)
We would like to thank all XOOPS users who contributed to this release by reporting bugs and providing fixes, especially (alphabetically): - black_beard - bleekk - brutalicuss - cesagonchu - cifug - dante7237 - geekwright - ggoffy - mjoel - noo-b - slider84 - zyspec Without your support, this release could not happen! REQUIREMENTS: - PHP 5.5+ (the new official minimum PHP version for XOOPS. It might work on PHP 5.3.7+, but we don't test anymore on it) - XOOPS (if you don't have it, you should update TODAY) DOWNLOAD: Publisher repository on GitHub CONTRIBUTING: please fork Publisher on GitHub and submit your improvements there BUGS/ISSUES:GitHub Issues Resized Image TUTORIAL: Available on GitBooks. It is in the early stages, and we need your help to make it really cool, especially with sharing your "tips and tricks" To help, you can fork the Tutorial from GitHub and provide you submissions there To check out other XOOPS Tutorials, please visit XOOPS section on GitBooks Happy Xoopsing and May the Source be with You!

Changelog for the Publisher 1.02 Final release:

- fixed bug: wrong options in Latest News block (mamba)
- added "All" checkbox in Category for group permissions (mamba)
- fixes in clone.php (ggoffy)
- fix error when uploading category image (ggoffy)
- fix for creating upload folders for category images (ggoffy/mamba)
- fix for RSS problem with date (dante7237/mamba)
- fix for file deletes (mamba)
- adding link to on-line Tutorial (mamba)
- fix issues with Popeye images (mamba)
- removed 500px hardcoded width for image preview in Admin, as it looks bad for small images (mamba)
- fixed bug: wrong flag for status after modification in frontend (Dante7237/mamba)
- added sort by Rating, Hits, # of Votes and Comments (brutalicuss/mamba)
- added extra columns in Admin's Summary view (mamba)
- remove non-existent XoopsFormCalendar in blocks (mamba)
- replace XoopsLocal::formatTimestamp() with formatTimestamp() so we have User local time (mamba/geekwright)
- replaced hard-coded GMT date in PublisherFormDateTime with formatTimestamp (mamba)
- adjusted apostrophes to prevent the define translation errors (slider84)
- bug #6: Array to string conversion (cesagonchu/mamba)
- fixed bug: not able to delete category (Dante7237/mamba)
- fixed bug: cloning of article (mamba)
- updated to XOOPS 2.5.7 version of jQuery UI Tabs (noo-b/mamba)
- replaced PublisherRequest with calls to XoopsRequest (mamba)
- redesigned archives section to have months horizontally (mjoel/Mithrandir/mamba)
- added count of articles in archive section (mamba)
- moved TCPDF library to /xoops_lib (mamba)
- updated makepdf.php file for the latest TCPDF (black_beard, mamba)
- replaced $i++ with ++$i for consistency/performance (mamba)
- started conversion to PSR-2 coding (mamba)
- moved constants to class interface (mamba, based on zyspec's work)
- updated TimThumbnail to 2.8.14 (mamba)
- added few missing English translations (mamba)
- replaced $_REQUEST with $_POST/$_GET and XoopsRequest in mimetypes.php (mamba)
- indicated required fields when adding new MIME types (mamba)
- centered mimetypes in the table (mamba)
- updated popeye.js to 2.1 (mamba)
- changed popeye mode to imagelist (mamba)
- replacing intval() with (int) (mamba)
- added ID column in Admin's Category view (mamba)
- fixed preg_replace /e in request.php (mamba)
- added Views column in Admin's Articles view (mamba)
- ensured that short_url is under 255 characters (mamba)
- added import from C-Jay Content (mamba)
- added import from xNews (bleekk, mamba)
- moved all images, CSS, and JS files to /assets (mamba)
- renamed .html Smarty templates to .tpl (mamba)
- added Preference option for PDF icon (cifug/mamba)
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