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Xortify - Fortify your XOOPS.
Community Release by - Chronolabs Co-op.

A cloud computing process is one which staggers multiple networks sometime and mainly unknown to the webmaster into a network or cloud of data. In this example it is IP and Netaddy names to control access lists. Xortify is a cloud solution to spam, harvesting and suspicious and narfarious IPs from using your website or hacking it. It will with pre-aware hierestics ban people which have breeched policies of other websites in both the protector honeypot (lite) and once you have signed up a username the Stop Forum Spam honeypot as well as Project Honeypots hierestical information on spammers, hackers and rouge bots.

I use to get regular signup maybe 4 people a day on, however blinded by how obvious it was actually a smart spam bot making usernames so it could spam attack my website; it was able to even step past the captchas and answer my extra signup question of a known email address on the system to sign up, luckly its IP addreses, that is the address systems have on the internet was known on the honeypots and it is now blocked.

It will display a template if you are banned with information such as the banning provider and some settings for the ban and is an accessory to protector or any other firewall technology Xortify is in a league of its own. The site itself is driven from an API Cloud on and mirrored at .. Cloud computing is web 2.0/3.0 stuff it used a SOAP or JSON, XML or Serialisation to exchange on the API backend to work, this will eventually be included in xoops as a support class.

This will prevent predators from exposing your network to lag and other attacks from link farming, often this means many xoops are attacked in occasions which is all the time caught by protector, this way if an attack is in process across a large spectrum of links, your site will down itself to your sourced attack even if it is discovered on a completely unaffiliated site that is link farmed to yours or on a XOOPS User list.

Xortify is a cloud solution to protectors Bad IPs, if someone attempts to hack your site and becomes a bad IP it will then send the IP to the Ban Cloud on and its paired cloud It will also poll the server to make sure it has the latest ban list so your website will be aware of malusers before they attack through farming IP from services like Google or bing.

Xortify is finally bug free, there was a lasting reminder of how it can be quiet frustrating developing software, especially cloud solutions with so many variables to hone to make sure the system is working, you should enjoy this version and any future releases for XOOPS 2.7, but as it stands I can't find anymore situations, warnings, notices or WSOD with this copy.

Watch this video to understand more about Xortify!

Whats New in this Feature
  • XOOPS 2.5 Module Class GUI
  • Greater Ban Diagnostics
  • CURL Resolution Timeout
  • Fault Locking/Delay
  • Performance Extras - fixed

Some of the other Features
  • Cron Job State and Timing
  • Pre PHP 5.2 Compatibility
  • My IP Information Anti Ban Prevention
  • Provider Plugins
  • Admin Usage Log
  • Protector Module Provider
  • Project Honeypot Provider
  • Stop Forum Spam Provider
  • Spider Module Provide
  • XML Polling Protocol
  • Serialisation API Protocol
  • JSON API Protocol
  • SOAP API Protocol
  • Anti Spamming with User Signupl
  • Anti Harvesting
  • Serialisation API Protocol

Bugs Fixed
  • Xortify post loader use of old constant
  • 2.6.0 Implementation in 2.5.0 Version - Lack of Versioning Control
  • System Tray Hijacking
  • Cron Job was Repaired
  • Warning all fixed
  • Notices all Fixed
  • Xortify Provider - Fields being match to open
  • Try Exceptions added to API Calls
  • cURL Classes - Warnings & Notices
  • Xortify Provider - Warnings & Notices
  • Project Honeypot Provider - Warnings & Notices
  • Stop Forum Spam Provider - Warnings & Notices
  • cURL Polling
  • Protector provider
  • Xortify Provider
  • cvalue not a global
  • Header being sent by providers
  • Project Honey Pot Cache Timer
  • Signup not displaying on preference link

  • XOOPS 2.5

Download: - 195Kb
Sourceforge Mirror: - 195Kb
Server: - 1.61Mb

2011/12/28 19:52:00 Version 3.00 STABLE
- Changed /xoops_version.php Swapped Server 1 and Server 2 with preferences (Wishcraft)
- Changed /cron/serverup.php Swapped Server 1 and Server 2 (Wishcraft)
- Changed /include/function.php removed 2.6 implementation for XOOPS 2.5 line 112 - 116 (Wishcraft)
- Changed $GLOBALS['xortify_api'] to $GLOBALS['xortifyModuleConfig']['protocol'] (Wishcraft)

Trial For Inclusion
Xortify will be hopefully moved into the XOOPS platform after a year or so of fine tunning and testing, it is currently discussed to move the cloud ( onto ownership of the domain and this node of the cloud by the XOOPS Foundations. (Chronolabs Will Donate It In the name of AntiSpam). This is the current trial for inclusion and bundling of Xortify with protector in XOOPS 2.6 - This Archive will ONLY work on XOOPS 2.6.

  • XOOPS 2.6

Download: - 192Kb
Sourceforge Mirror: - 192Kb

2011/12/28 20:30:00 Version 3.04 STABLE
- Changed /provider/xortify/post.loader.php changed $GLOBAL['xortify_api'] to $GLOBALS['xortifyModuleConfig']['protocol'] (Wishcraft)

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