TDMDownloads version 1.6 Final

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FreeXoopServices team is pleased to announce the release of TDMDownloads 1.6 final.

List of bugs

  • It was impossible to choose categories to show in the block admin (nothing is shown) (Mage).
  • In the modification request, if the logo doesn't exist, the default value wasn't "blank.gif" (Mage).
  • In the editing form of a download file, the date wasn't the current date (Mage).
  • Permissions by files don't run well (Mage).
  • In visit.php the url of download can cause a problem (Fabrice59).
  • Call of inexistent file in class tree.php (Mage).
  • the category title isn't informed in the notification message "category_newfile_notify.tpl" (Mage).
  • missing view.tag.php and list.tag.php added (voltan).

List of improvements

  • Administration area has be recoded to be 100% compatible with xoops 2.5 (Mage)
  • Organization of preferences by sections (Mage).
  • We can now choose the number of columns to show the categories (Mage).
  • We can now choose the number of columns to show the downloads (Mage).
  • Add of RSS Feeds to the module (Mage).
  • Categories descriptions are now shown in viewcat.php (Mage).
  • We can now show the logo (or a screenshot) of the download and its description in all blocks (Mage).
  • System of limitation of downloading (Voltan, Mage).
  • The images 'new', 'updated' et 'popular' are now specific to each language (Mage, Mariane).
  • Adding a search block (Mage, Mariane).
  • Add bookmark and Social Networks (voltan)


  • See the file "lang_diff.txt" for changes in language.


  1. You have to delete the existent folder "TDMDownloads" in "modules".
  2. Upload the new folder "TDMDownloads" to your server in the "modules" folder.
  3. Update the module.
  4. Go to each block, then edit the options (important to insure the function of the blocks).
  5. If you overloaded your templates, it will be necessary to update them.


Thank you to Mariane,Voltan and Mamba for their help.


  • The module uses the Framework "moduleadmin", it is necessary to install it on your site.
  • The module works only on xoops 2.5x


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