Spammer v1.00 Alpha - Anti Spammer for Xoops

Catzwolf  29-Jul-2010 13:14 4744 Reads  11
Module: Spammer v.1.00 Alpha
Xoops: v2.45
PHP: V5+



Spammer is exactly the opposite of what its name suggests. Spammer is an Anti-Spam module that helps fight against Spam using the Akismet API. Akismet FAQ.

Spammer requires a key to function correctly. You can create one from this website.

Commercial website wishing to use this service must buy a license.

How does Spammer work?

Spammer checks each post against the Akismet database to see if a post has elements of spam contained within the content. Spammer can deal with this spam in a number of ways.

1. Ignore it and let it bybass.
2. Delete it.
3. Mark the post as spam.
4. Mark the post for moderation.
5. Mark the post for moderation and mark it as spam.

(4+5) will probably be combined in a future release.

Spammer requires no hacks to the system at any level. You just install the module and it should work. This is possible through using the pre-loader system and plug-ins.

So far, Only a comments plug-in has been created, but this can easily be developed to include many other modules very easily. Please let me know which modules you believe should its own plug-ins.

As this module is only Alpha, it is only for testing but should work correctly with the comments system. (Famous last words).

What is not working yet
1. The logging system: This will be in the next release of Spammer.
2. Email to Administrators: as above.

New Features for next version
1. Plug-ins for the following modules: News and NewBB/CBB.
2. Ban users by IP.
3. Set a posting limit by IP
4. Add this is not Spam/Ham. Not sure how to go about this yet.
5. New Name for Spammer, I don't like this one, so your welcome to suggest a new one.

Download the alpha from: Here.

Please use this forum for feedback, bugs and features



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