multimenu 2.0.6 for Xoops 2.3.x

solo71  19-Jun-2009 07:48 7907 Reads   12 Comment(s) 
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I'm proud to announce (finally and after years of code tweaking, and nights of headache) the release of multimenu 2.0.6 for Xoops 2.3.3.

Important notes before use of this version :

1) The 2.0 version is absolutely not compatible with any previous version of multimenu (thus any 1.x previous version).
The 2.0 version has been redevelopped from scratch and has nothing to do, regarding code, nore spiritwise with the older version. So, do not attempt to replace and upgrade from a previous version.

Instead, you can install it side by side withe the oldest versions.

2) No guaranties are provided with this module though!


This 2.0 version is full of new functionalities. For instance :

- no more limitations regarding the number of available menus (you can create as much menus as you want).

- categorisation of the module's general settings ;

- image manager (upload and manage your menu pictures directly with the module build in thumb manage) ;

- Template manager (customise your templates directly in the build in module template manager) ;

- Separated code (html, java script and style sheets are separated from the source code and managed independently) ;

- Automatic detection of new custom templates ;

- Templates are common to both index pagea and bloc menus ;

- 2 clicks module cloning utility ;

- Query manager (which allow you to automatically feed your menus from your xoops site database - from any other modules) ;

- Style sheet preferences are availaible for templates, menues and links level.

- Deep group permission settings (from menu to links).

- wider relative links settings (from a module to a specific page).

- Build in contextual help.


- Sorry for all who requested it, but the module doesn't support more than one sub link level (I know you will hate me for that).

- Not all english defines are over (tips defines mainly). Sorry for that. If anyone feel like to give me a hand on this, he (or she) is welcome.

- module available in french and english at the moment. Feel free to submit your language files.

Thanks in advance for your feedback on this module.

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