Web Show Media Player v.71 Released

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The WebShow module for XOOPS wraps the myLinks directory around the Jeroen Wijering Media Player 3.16 to catalog and play Flash media from a single file url, a directory, podcast feeds, streams and embed sharing sites.

-Webmasters: Display many types of media with one player. Create custom players with colors that change with the theme and superimpose your logo. Add music bars to your site. Use playlists to display pre, mid and post roll advertisements. Create custom blocks using embed codes generated by the module. Want to play some media files but not display the catalog? Hide the module in the main menu and use WebShow's media, players and blocks in stealth mode.

-Indie Musicians and Record Labels: Catalog, play and distribute your music. Control access with View and Download permission settings. Generate album playlists with images. Syndicate your site using webfeeds and social bookmarking.

-Educators: Display your lesson in full HTML with image slides, audio and video. Add accessibilty with full screen video, large player controls, second audio program and timed text captions.

-Graphic Artists: Display your art using animated slide shows with music. Display Flash shockwave animations.

-Podcasters: WebShow is a podcast aggregator that will cache and parse webfeeds then display the feed's text and play the enclosed media. WebShow is also has a feed generator that will filter a directory of media files and then generate and syndicate a webfeed.

-Individuals: Install xoops on a local LAMP server (wamp, xamp, etc) and use WebShow to manage and play your local media files. Use WebShow's embed features to collect and display your favorite clips from media sharing sites. WebShow will automatically fetch your favorite podcast feed updates.
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Media Directory module with index, category, top ten and single view pages.
Category Menu, Billboard (spotlight), Play It, Media Links and Rollover blocks
Embed plugins for over 20 different sharing sites.
Display text and media from podcast feeds.
Custom player appearance, controls and behavior settings.
Display selectable contents for catalog and media pages, including full html text body.
Info Box displays Social Bookmark (addThis), embed codes, category info and the AJAX rating and report forms.
Group permissions for submit, modify, view and download.
Auto publish and expire.

Shared Server friendly:
User's media is stored externally. Users may only submit links to their media.
There is no media uploader. Files must be uploaded using ftp.


Please request support and report errors in the WebShow Forum only.

Thanks for using the Web Show Media Player.

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