eXtCal 2.2.0 is out

Mamba  16-Jun-2008 05:59 9562 Reads  11
Good news from Zoullou: one of the best XOOPS Calendar module has been updated:

eXtCal 2.2.0 is out after few month of developement. This version is a stable release, so you could use it on production site.
The 2 biggest added feature are reccuring event and a feature to allow "online module update". This feature is very usefull when you have several site that use the module and you want to have up to date module.

Download it from here...

Thank you, Zoullou for your hard work!!!

You could find below the changelog :

- Fix bug : Event year selection box don't work on year.php page
- Fix bug : Blank page when event is submitted with wrong date format
- Fix bug : Timezone offset bug on calendar pages and event page
- fix bug : Recurring bug on Monthly rule
- Fix bug : Translate error on minical day's letter
- Add tooltips box on all pages to display start and end date when mouse over the event name (need Mootools)
- Add list navig for event on admin side
- Fix bug : File isn't attached when event is submitted from admin side
- Fix bug : Timezone offset bug on block and pages
- Add a feature to make a module update just by clicking on module admin side. The server will download, install files and update the module.
- Fix bug : User could submit event without perm by accessing directly to the submit page
- Fix bug : Recur rule aren't updated when an event is edited
- Fix bug : Timezone bug when user timezone is different than server timezone
- Fix bug : event_submitdate field wasn't created during upgrade from version before 2.0.4
- Fix bug : wrong link when week start in month before the current view (stefan88)
- Add the send notification function
- Allow HTML for textarea fields
- Add the Comments system
- Add the Notifications system
- Fix error when submit an event from public side
- Fix Bug : Category perm are not respected to display event
- Fix Bug : Translation file isn't loaded
- Fix bug : An user could be in the who's going and who's not going list
- Add Reccuring rule description on event view
- Add the RSS page
- Extend the search function to address and contact field
- Set the update proc to upgrade from eXtCal 2.0.4
- Add the navigation tab menu
- Add reccuring event feature
- Add a file attachement feature to the module
- Add a "who's not going" feature
- Add a version checker (display a message if a new version of the module is out)
- Add a preview feature on submit event page
- Fix a bug that disallow fresh install
- Add the "hide past event" feature
- Rewrite the module from scratch
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