XoopsLifeType 1.0.2 RC

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The XOOPS China Community is pleased to announce the release of XoopsLifeType 1.0.2 RC!

XoopsLifeType is a XOOPS module integrating LifeType ( 1.2.5, which is an open-source blogging platform with support for multiple blogs and users in a single installation.

You can download XoopsLifeType from xoopschina@sourceforge:

1. Integrated user acount system of XOOPS and LifeType;
2. Integrated LifeType's installation system into XOOPS, so you can install/upgrade/uninstall LifeType directly in XOOPS's admin panel;
3. Added some XOOPS' blocks, such as Latest blogs and integrated XOOPS' search. (Note: we've changed LifeType's original /templates/ to /themes/, and the /templates/ contained XOOPS's templates only);
4. Added XOOPS Frameworks' CAPTCHA to anti spam-comments;
5. Supported none UTF-8 encoding, such as gb2312, big5.

1. Moving writable folders out of lifetype (cache, tmp and gallery)

System requirements
1. XOOPS 2.0.X (Note: We've tested XoopsLifeType under XOOPS 2.0.x, but not XOOPS 2.2.x);
2. Frameworks 1.20+ (Download:

1. Upload XoopsLifeType to your server's ROOT/modules/, and ensure the structure is ROOT/modules/lifetype/XOOPS_version.php;
2. Ensure "ROOT/modules/lifetype/tmp/" and "ROOT/modules/lifetype/gallery/" are writable by the webserver (chmod 777);
3. Click XoopsLifeType's Install button in the Control Panel "System/modules";
4. After installing XoopsLifeType, you can create a default blog simply by visiting "";.

Overwrite your existing files with the new XoopsLifeType package.

For any suggestions, comments, bug reports and feature requests about XoopsLifeType, please visit the development site at the XOOPS China Community:
But if you have any problems or suggestions with lifetype itself, please visit lifetype dev community:

* LifeType Development Team
* XOOPS Development Team

The XOOPS China Community

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