WF-Channel 2.00 RC Released

Catzwolf  19-Dec-2007 17:13 5112 Reads  10
WF-Channel V2.00b RC
WF-Resources V1.00

This version of WF-Channel is the final release candidate to iron out any remaining bugs, errors and final changes before a full production version.

This version has changed massively compared to the previous version and much of the code base has been split and moved into a separate module, but rather than a massive jump with the version number I have decided to increment it by one value instead.

WF-Resource is a WF-Framework (sorry about this) and will be used by many or the newer modules currently being written at this moment. This will help keep module sizes down and easier to update in the future. I normally hate frameworks, as most of this should be core but I have had no choice if i wish to progress further with the WF-Modules.

What is WF-Channel?

WF-Channel is a module to display ‘Misc’ pages on your website. This module is not a replacement for a content module, though it could be easily
used as such if required.

WF-Channel can also display a 'Link to US' and 'Refer' pages.

WF-Channel Change log

=> version 2.00b RC
- Added: Clone, save, and delete now update page permissions now. So if you clone an item the previous page permission are copied over.
- Removed: Removed the Cache folder as it is no longer required.
- Added: Main menu style block to blocks list.
- Added: View icon in Page list in admin area, user can now view any page via this method.
- Added: DHTML calendar within the refers admin area. Users can view refers sent by date rather than one great big list.
- Added: Added micro button to 'Link to Us' page.
- Added: Added the ability to add group permission while editing page.
- Added: Added pull down menu for page navigation, this allows you to dynamically change the amount of pages/refers shown on the page.
- Added: Added the ability to popular bookmark sites.
- Added: Added the ability to Bookmark pages.
- Added: Added the ability to print pages.
- Added: Added the ability to render PDF files.
- Added: Added the ability to view Refers in the admin area.
- Added: Added the ability to ban IP address from using the refer system.
- Added: Added legend to page and refers page.
- Fixed: Fixed missing language constants in admin menu.
- Fixed: Fixed Page content to stop displaying 'space at the top of content' when
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