WF-Channel V2 RC

Catzwolf  03-Oct-2007 16:18 8608 Reads  17

What is WF-Channel?

WF-Channel is a module to display Misc pages on your website. This module is not a replacement for a content module, though it could be easily used as such if required.

WF-Channel can also display a 'Link to US' and 'Refer' pages.

=> version 2.00a RC

  1. Fixed: Removed all known 'english' hardcoded language
  2. Fixed: No sql file with last package, sorry about that one
  3. Fixed: Refer Email, missing database field and count not saved
  4. Fixed: Default Page was not updated correctly, could have more than one default page. bad!!
  5. Fixed: Page Menu link still shown if page was default or selected
  6. Fixed: css bug when no pages in database
  7. Fixed: If no default page selected, WF-Channel will no longer exit with a redirect but show a no default page
  8. Fixed: The amount of Refer emails sent in admin area
  9. Added: Block, add a block to show new pages. (will add a wf-channel menu of requested
  10. Added: Better more friendly error handling, erros should just not fail for no reason
  11. Changed: Removed the 'Create Tab' to a link above the Page listing. (saves Space)
  12. Changed: Function name wfc_upload to avoid conflicts with WF-Channel clones.

Please Note: My new website is not setup yet, so support for this module will have to be done on this site for now. I will update you when I have things up to date.


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