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Module generator for Xoops, coz I know how boring it'll be to do the same coding again and again. Its not like any other generators try it you'll know. Included a sample xml file with all functionality to generate a module.


* CRUD functionality for all tables
* mysql sql file generation
* Admin functionality with image type field handling (including file upload)
* Module config file and xoops_version.php will be generated.
* Models will be created for each table to simplyfy C[reate] R[etrieve] U[pdate] D[elete]
* Data Grid like functionality to browse records. Sorry no pagenation yet.


* Java 1.5
* Right now Windows Only


* Feel free to use for any purpose
* No copyright message in the generated code.
* XoopsGrid is based on baaGrid by Barry Andrew (

Instructions to Run and Install

* Download XGen
* Unzip to XGen directory
* Thats it you are all set create an xml file for your module and set values as per your needs

Command Line

* Assuming you unzipped XGen in C:\XGen
* C:\XGen> XGen c:\XGen\recipes.xml

You'll see log messages and lots of information just ignore and go to the directory you specified in xml

Voila your admin functionality for the module is ready after intalling your generated module as any other module.

[X]Oops here is the download link XGen - Xoops Module Generator

Leave me your comments.


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