My Tidy Version of Shoutbox 3.2.1

wizanda  04-May-2006 19:50 6792 Reads  15
Ok I am on my spring cleaning MISSION again, and going through modules with W3C.
Well I downloaded; ShoutBox 3.2 as I have been getting spammers on 3.1; and it also needed fixing.
So all thanks goes to Jan, all I have done is used Tidy with FireFox to fix the errors, in the ShoutBox module.
During the process…… things went slightly wrong…… with the experiment……. and a little of me got in,……………
I was…..just going to just fix the errors and send them back to Jan to release……
You can have a Look Here , what happened with the popup!!!
Basically whilst fixing the errors, it all went upside down, now the text input bar, is at the top, (o0(I like it) as the new posts are displayed scrolling downwards anyway, not upwards as most chat messenger systems, do).
I thought I would release it, as it is almost totally different in how it looks now, and then we can move on, with it being a Tidy checked version o0(I like having green ticks when W3C, is Tidy).
Thanks again, to Jan as it is his module, not mine.
Please don’t ask me about PHP, as I am only learning, all I did is fix the templates and it turned into a TaZZZmanian MONSTER SHOUT BOX!

Also here is a xoopscodes.php for, as it had a few small errors within the code, for smilies and the more buttons. This applies to even, yet the newer versions of Xoops have been fixed.

Here is a list of some of the changes:
Version 3.2.1
Fixed all errors using Tidy W3C with Firefox.
Changed the layout to make text box at the top, as the posts scroll downwards.
Included more times to choose for refresh, to reduce server calls, 5 minutes being longest now.
Similes caused W3C error, in all Xoops modules, so fixed /include/xoopscodes.php for included also.

You can download it from my site , since when I go to submit on here, it tells me I am not allowed?

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